With campus vacated by much of the student body over the long winter break, College administrators continued negotiations with the Town of Brunswick regarding the Longfellow Elementary School property.

Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer Katy Longley detailed the College's two proposals for acquisition in a November 30 letter to Town Manager Gary Brown. The College offered either the outright purchase of the property for $2 million or the partial transfer of the College's McLellan Building in exchange for the Longfellow site.

As part of the ongoing discussions, a subcommittee formed by the Town Council toured the McLellan facility on January 4. Longley conducted the tour on behalf of the College.

"I can confirm that I helped give the tour," said Longley.

"[The subcommittee's] first order of work is the police station," she added.

In a Times Record article on January 12, Brown stated that the subcommittee's tour of McLellan would help the Town Council as it moves ahead with the discussion of a potential Longfellow-McLellan swap.

The November 30 letter, which came after roughly a year of discussions between the Town and the College, acknowledged that the College viewed the transfer of the McLellan Building as a "less attractive" option. Longley added that the College hoped to retain control of the McLellan Building until 2014 in the event of a transfer, as well as be granted access to the third floor art studios at no cost through 2019.