Two and a half years after Bowdoin was named College Prowler's "School of the Year," Bowdoin still holds the title.

College Prowler recently updated its rankings for Bowdoin. The website determines rankings based on analysis of student survey responses, open-ended student reviews and statistical data. This means that the ratings can fluctuate as student reviewers post their comments.

The most recent "report card" for Bowdoin gives the College an A plus for campus dining, campus housing, facilities, and transportation; an A for academics, health and safety, and guys; an A minus for girls and parking; a B plus for off-campus dining and local atmosphere; a B for diversity and nightlife; a B minus for athletics and off-campus housing; and a C for the drug scene.

First year Sam Shapiro characterized the website as "more amusing than helpful."

"I used it to find out about the social life and other things you don't hear about from the administration and application materials, [but] it definitely didn't make up my mind," said Shapiro.

First year Julie McCullough said she did not refer to the site at all in deciding whether to attend the College.

"I didn't use it because I knew everything I wanted to know about Bowdoin," said McCullough.

Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Scott Meiklejohn reported that his office gives little importance to the rankings.

"Part of it is that there are so many out there, it's just not that important to keep tabs on every single one. I love it when they say good things about Bowdoin, and they are obviously right, but no, I don't keep track."