To the Editors:

The men's soccer team is simply the best soccer team in the NESCAC. Only through the largely arbitrary horror of a penalty kick tie-breaker did Middlebury win the technical right to the conference championship. Yet the NCAA rankings, the NESCAC standings and anyone who went to the championship game will tell you that Bowdoin is indeed the better team. In this particular instance, the ruthless denial of Bowdoin's first NESCAC championship via penalty kicks, has left me—a Bowdoin alumnus and brother to a member of the team—completely heartbroken.

I commend the men's soccer team on their effort this past Sunday. They played valiantly and are likely one of the best men's soccer teams in Bowdoin history. I wish them the best of luck in the NCAA tournament, and I urge the rest of the campus and community to do so as well.


Nathan R. Chaffetz '08

New York, NY