Bowdoin students can look forward to a little California sunshine next month when WBOR brings the Morning Benders to campus on November 13.

The Berkley-based band, whose music is characterized as indie-surf rock, released its debut album in 2008 and has played with popular groups Death Cab for Cutie, The Kooks and MGMT.

When deciding on which group to bring to campus for its annual fall concert, WBOR Concert Manager Will Albuquerque '11 was careful to pick a band that would appeal to a wide range of students.

"Deerhunter was our last fall concert and it didn't get a very good pull with students, so for this fall concert we really wanted to be inclusive," said Albuquerque. "They are a really young band that has a lot of energy and are similar to Passion Pit, who did really well at Ivies. They are a band that we think is made up of good musicians and will be fun for students."

WBOR was able to book The Morning Benders after Space Gallery in Portland declined to book the band due to its price. WBOR, however, jumped at the chance to bring them to Bowdoin after discovering it would cost less than half of what they had budgeted to spend on the concert.

"They were $7,500. Our budget was $15,000 for this concert", said Albuquerque. "We started talking with them and they have been great; we got them for what we thought was a steal."

The money saved on the concert is especially encouraging in light of WBOR's budget conflict with the Student Activities Funding Committee (SAFC) last spring, in which WBOR was unable to put on a spring conert.

SAFC Chair Kyle Dempsey '11, spoke about this year's WBOR budget.

"Last year they asked for about $37,000 and we allocated about $23,700," said Dempsey. "This year we allocated $26,350, so their budget increased."

In addition, Dempsey was confident that there would be no budget conflicts with WBOR this year.

"WBOR is unique in that they get allocated their budget entirely at the beginning of the year," said Dempsey. "We feel that they should use their money any way they feel but we [SAFC] won't be giving them any money that goes beyond their budget."

Albuquerque discussed WBOR's plans for the surplus money.

"One part of them being cheap [is] we are hopefully going to spend some of that money on other things for the show, like decorations," he said.

In addition to the Morning Benders, WBOR has booked two opening acts for the show.

The Milkman's Union, the former campus band, will return to Bowdoin for the show.

While the band has been revamped, it still includes Peter McLaughlin '10 on drums and Henry Jamison Root '10 on vocals and guitar.

The second opening act will be Lady Lamb and the Beekeeper, led by Aly Spaltro.

Spaltro performs regularly in Portland, delivering a unique mix of soul, bluegrass and indie rock.