Bowdoin students can breathe a sigh of relief as the Dining Service is no longer considering terminating Super Snack, a weekend-night tradition for many Bowdoin students.

Students were alerted of the Dining Service's considerations when Bowdoin Student Government President John Connolly '11 sent a campus-wide e-mail addressing the discussion on September 30.

Dining Service questioned whether to close Super Snack after several students were found vomiting at Thorne Hall on Saturday, Septmeber 25. Two students were transported to Parkview Memorial Hospital from Super Snack.

According to Director of Dining & Bookstore Services Mary Kennedy, "Dining Service has no plans to change the Super Snack schedule. We devised Super Snack in response to students' requests and we're proud of its success in providing a late night dining and socializing opportunity in a location that accommodates large numbers."

"Hopefully, the recent unfortunate incidents were a result of the exuberance of the new academic year and will not be repeated. Bowdoin students have always been very supportive and respectful of our hard-working employees and the feeling is mutual," said Kennedy. "We think students appreciate being able to enjoy Super Snack in Thorne Hall's safe, clean, attractive and well-maintained facilities just as our employees enjoy working there. It's in all our interests to work to keep Super Snack the unique meal it's always been," she added.

Kennedy pointed out that the staff who works at Super Snack is extremely dedicated and hard-working. As Super Snack has grown in popularity, Dining Service has responded by increasing staffing and adding new items to the menu.

The students and staff who work at SuperSnack often serve over 700 students on a busy night.

Dean of Student Affairs Tim Foster reaffirmed that the Dining Service employees should be treated with the utmost respect.

"It's not a service that the College and the Dining Service needs to offer, but I'm glad we do," he said. "A lot of people work very hard to make it happen, and these students and staff should be thanked and treated with respect."

Foster added, "On the few occasions when things have gone awry, it has tended to be the actions of a small number of people that draw a lot of attention," and that the best thing students can do is act responsibly and put a stop to any inappropriate behavior. Students should feel free to contact Security if necessary.

"I think Super-Snacks is a wonderful Bowdoin tradition that provides a late night dining and socializing opportunity. It's popular and it allows people to come together and connect with friends in a large venue," said Foster.