To the Editors:

Regarding your recent article on Christian tracts being found in the Hawthorne-Longfellow Library ("Christian pamphlets planted in H-L stacks," September 17): When I was in college, we used to laugh at finding such things. I can't believe students, or anyone of college age for that matter, need to be so coddled that they require the removal of these tracts. It would be much cheaper to combat the depositors by just letting "each one, reach one," right back. That is to say, simply let whoever finds one dispose of it! Eventually, unless these messages are intellectually and spiritually stimulating for a select body of students at Bowdoin, the effect and efforts of these mystery marketers will fade. You are giving too much advertising to these individuals. Hence, those who planted the pamphlets think they have won.


Tanya Hagarty

Stamford, CT