At 5 a.m., when most members of the Bowdoin community are still asleep in their beds with hours before the classes begin, housekeeper Sabrina Bouchard is hard at work cleaning the offices and restrooms of the Office of Admissions in Burton-Little House.

"I stay there for different amounts of time depending on how busy the building is," said Bouchard, "I usually get to the dorm at around 6:30 or 7 a.m."

Bouchard has been working as a College housekeeper since January, 2007. She works in the Office of Admissions and Coleman Hall, where she is in charge of 10 bathrooms, 20 showers, two stairwells, five hallways, the laundry room and the trash room.

When Bouchard arrives at Coleman Hall early in the morning, she begins washing showers and then moves on to cleaning the restrooms. She takes a break for breakfast at 8 a.m.

"It's nice to get out of the dorms for meals," she said, "I'll sometimes grab a bite to eat at the Café. I love the food at Moulton and Thorne too."

But meal periods are not the only times that one can spot Bouchard out and about. When she has finished scrubbing, vacuuming and attempting to manage the often "unruly" laundry room, Bouchard takes advantage of everything that campus has to offer.

"I really enjoy going to all the shows here—music, theater...I just love it all," she said. "Last Thursday, I went to the New Orleans Jazz Festival, which was incredible. Sunday I saw a group called Quintetssentials at Studzinski Hall. And I always make time to see the chamber choir and chorus."

She was disappointed that she was not notified about the a cappella concert, however.

"I would have marked my calendar. I absolutely love the singing groups here."

And when she is not enjoying the finest musical acts Bowdoin has to offer, Bouchard participates in weekly wellness walks and frequent blood drives.

"When I turned 50, I made a promise to myself that I would become a regular donor, so I make sure to participate every time Bowdoin has a blood drive."

Bouchard gives back a great deal to the community and also makes an effort to stay informed. "I also, of course, read The Orient," she said, plucking a recent issue off her desk.

"I do the crossword puzzles and read the security report. I also try to read as many student articles as I can because it's good to know what is going on around campus," she said.

Though the newspaper may give her an understanding of the happenings on campus, her closest connections to student life come from right within the dorm.

"I look forward to seeing the students' faces around the building and talking with them because housework can become mundane and it is nice to get to know everyone," she said.

"I know all the students are busy, but I really appreciate it when they stop by to chit-chat," she added

Indeed, Bouchard has gotten to know many of the proctors who are currently living in Coleman Hall.

"Coretta [King '12], the proctor on the bottom floor, has a beautiful singing voice, she affectionately calls me 'Ms. Sabrina," said Bouchard with a smile. "And I know the other proctors too. I remember Shem [Dixon '11] and Nylea [Bivins '12] because they lived here their freshman year."

Bouchard's memory is incredible. She picked up a photograph from her desk and began recalling each student's name.

"This is a hall from a few years ago," she said. "I'll always remember them because they were so nice to me and gave me this wonderful card."

Bouchard's desk is full of cards from students living in the dorm this year. "Last week was 'National Housekeepers Appreciation Day,' so I got all these nice cards," she said,

"Everyone in the dorm has been great. it's nice knowing that these students appreciate all that I do."