To the Editors:

I appreciated last week's article, "Convocation address sparks intellectual diversity debate on campus" (September 10). I am writing specifically in response to Barry Mills' comments encouraging "intellectual diversity on campus in a broader sense" and the sense of unease within some "underrepresented groups on campus." If Bowdoin is committed to diversity, why is the Multicultural House at 30 College Street the only place on campus (with the exceptions of the Russworm House and 24 College Street) that provides a meeting place for those of different cultures and religions?

In 2007, 30 College Street was renovated and the position of associate dean of multicultural student programs added; I applaud these new developments and the efforts of the College. That said, do we want to confine our multicultural activities to a single house?

As a frequent visitor to 30 College Street, I appreciate the intimate atmosphere and am grateful for the support of the College. However, I feel that our recent push for intellectual diversity is not enough. We should, as a student body, encourage awareness and appreciation for cultural and religious diversity as well.


Amanda Gartside '12