To the Editors:

I was taken aback and personally offended by your profile of Richard Fisco ("Guns and Scripture: Richard Fisco," September 10). As a Mainer and resident of Waterville, I have been on the receiving end of the term "townie" and find it derogatory and unnecessary. The term carries connotations of elitism and distance on the part of the college community. The title of the column, "Our Townie," was especially disappointing, and I don't look forward to seeing the term used each week.

That being said, I do appreciate what the column was meant to do: bring attention to the interesting stories that Brunswick residents have to tell and connect the Bowdoin community with the town that surrounds us. I find it admirable that the Orient has taken on such a mission, but any positive effects of this column were immediately negated by the use of such a derogatory term. Perhaps using "local" or "Brunswick resident" instead could salvage future editions of this column.


Charlie Boyle '13