After more than 30 years of investment management, Stanley Druckenmiller announced his retirement in late August from his position as President, CEO and Chairman of Duquesne Capital, the company he founded in 1981.

Druckenmiller has a long history of involvement with the College following his graduation in 1975. He served on the Board of Trustees and remains involved with the Trustee Investment Committee, which manages the endowment.

His generosity and commitment to the College has also been realized in the form of numerous financial donations.

Druckenmiller's $30 million pledge to Bowdoin in 1997, the fourth largest to a liberal arts college at the time, was used in the construction of a new science center named Stanley F. Druckenmiller Hall in honor of his grandfather. A large portion of his donation was also set aside for the renovation of Searles Science Center.

"I have known him for over 20 years, and he is one of the great investors of the 20th century," said Senior Vice President for Planning and Development and Secretary of the College Bill Torrey. "He has been extremely good to Bowdoin, not only by providing substantial financial support, but he's had a significant role in the management of our assets for nearly 20 years."

Forbes listed Druckenmiller in their list of the top 100 richest Americans and The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported earlier this year that Druckenmiller donated more money to charity than any other American in 2009.

"He has been extremely generous with his time and his wealth to not only Bowdoin, but to a number of philanthropic organizations as well," said Torrey. "He is a person of great integrity."