Two thousand one hundred career yards is a respectable record for a quarterback, almost enough to make the top-10 for Bowdoin College. This number, which could be a career in and of itself, is the difference between Oliver Kell '10 and Hayes MacArthur '98, for the number one and two spots in the College's history. Impressive does not cover it; during his time here Kell rewrote the majority of the football records, some of them long untouched, and he often appears multiple times in the same category.

Clearly, Kell and his talented teammates were impact players in their time here, but now the question on everyone's mind is: Who's next? Who will step up to fill the vacant roles on the team, particularly at the quarterback position?

Head coach Dave Caputi knows the question even before it's posed—he has clearly faced the inquiry for some time now.

"I think that when you have a guy who's a record setter not only at your own school but also in the NESCAC as well, that person is tough to replace, but sometimes the position is easier to replace," said Caputi. "We have a veteran quarterback and a good kid in R.J. Shea '12. He is a more technically sound quarterback than Ollie, and he has a good working knowledge of what we are asking him to do."

Also vying for the role, a unique one that Caputi describes as "more point guard than quarterback," are first years Tommy Romero and Grant White. The incoming class altogether has been impressive so far this year.

"We have several first years we expect will play roles this year on offense and defense," Caputi said. "Some may end up starting or some will work themselves into rotations and start to play more significant roles as the season develops."

Caputi anticipates a season that will display the depth of the roster and showcase some returning players who, due to their offseason efforts, are now poised to take on important roles for the team. Caputi anticipates a hard-working energetic team with "a lot of young guys getting their feet wet" in the experience.

The football team isn't the only squad that had to bid farewell to some star players, however. The women's volleyball team graduated a highly successful senior class in Gillian Page, Jenna Diggs and Kelsey Howe. Page and Diggs both set multiple school records, including most kills and most digs, respectively.

With six first years on the team, as well as a returning core of talented players, head coach Karen Corey has been impressed by the level of competition and intensity in preseason practices.

"Our practices are very competitive—I would say where we are playing now is taking off right from the end of last season," Corey said. "Everyone has stepped up."

Although losing players like Page is significant, the team anticipates another strong year from outside hitter Melissa Haskell '13, who clocked a lot of playing time alongside Page last year. The front row will be tough for other teams to match, between captain Kristin Hanczor '12 and other returning attackers as well as the addition of 6'1" right side hitter Ellie Brennan '14.

Corey's excitement was visible as she discussed the potential for the season. With such a large first year group, Corey notes the depth of the roster for this season.

"It will be tough for our opponents," Corey said. "We were number one in the conference for blocking last year and this year I have even bigger blockers and I have more girls to put up there."