In elementary school, Elsa Millett '12 prided herself on being able to outrun any of the boys in her class. Then, in fifth grade, the boys started to catch up to her.

"When the boys started beating me in fifth grade, it was really traumatic," Millett said. "But I kept running anyways."

In middle school, Millett got a shot at revenge. The middle school boy's basketball coach asked Millett if she would want to run sprints with his team, not because he wanted Millett to increase her fitness, but because he wanted to show his team that they were slow enough to be beaten by a girl. This, of course, would be a distressing piece of knowledge to know for a prideful boy in middle school. Millett dutifully agreed and proceeded to outsprint her male classmates and embarrass them.

Now at Bowdoin, Millett is again displaying her running prowess. While she may no longer be able to beat the male runners, she has nonetheless triumphed on the track.

This spring season, Millett captured the crown in the 400-meter dash in not only the NESCAC , but also in Division III.

Her mark of 56.92 seconds set the new Bowdoin record in the event. Millett described her performance last weekend at the Division III Championship Meet at Tufts.

"Last weekend was exciting for me," she said. "I've been trying to break into the 56 [seconds bracket] forever. I felt calm and confident at the race. It's easy to freak out and blow it at a big meet, but I was proud of my poise."

Co-captain Sarah Lord '10 echoed Millet's statement.

"What impresses me the most about Elsa is her constant composure," Lord said. "She has such an intelligent, level-headed, and mature approach to both training and competition. She understands what she needs to do, focuses on that goal, and nearly always succeeds. If you saw Elsa at a big track meet, you might think she was on vacation—she looks so externally relaxed."

Millett has also locked in solid performances in the 200-meter dash and the 4x100-meter relay. She finished second in the NESCAC in the 200-meter, and combined with Michele Kaufman '13, Emily Barr '12, and Christine Head '11 to take second place in the 4x100 relay.

With respective times of 25.31 and 48.97 in the 400 meter dash and 4x100 meter relay, Millett established new school records.

Setting records is not a new feeling for Millett. During her first year, Millett broke the Bowdoin mark in the 200- and 400-meter and has since beaten her own time repeatedly. With two years left at Bowdoin, she has more time to shave down the record.

Millett said that this timed precision of the sport is one of the reasons why she has always loved running.

"I like being able to measure my success," she said. "In most other aspects of my life I'm not that competitive, but for track it's always been different."

She added, "I really believe in the saying, 'What gets measured gets maintained.'"

"Elsa has nerves of steel," said Head Coach Peter Slovenski. "She has her best performances when all the fastest runners are right next to her in the intense championship races. She's a terrific competitor."

Millett, who also runs in the indoor season, again has a chance to prove herself this year. This weekend, she will compete at the Open New England against New England Schools from all divisions. Millett also has a shot to make the NCAA Championship Meet in the 400-meter. She is currently ranked 12th on a list from which the top 15 runners will be selected. Millett's success is a testament to her training.

"Elsa has a Hall of Fame work ethic," said Slovenski. "She'll spend whatever time it takes to lift weights, do drills, or run, but...she is also intelligent about not over-training."

Millett, who lived and went to high school in Manchester, CT, puts her Bowdoin teammates at ease. With her combination of focus and good nature.

"Elsa epitomizes the type of person you want next to you in hard workouts, long track meets, and team events," Lord added. "She is good-humored, perceptive, and brings an incredible level of passion for the sport. Elsa is someone who has, and will continue to, lift Bowdoin track to new heights through a combination of talent, energy, and outstanding character."

In the fall, however, Millett will not be spotted running in Farley Field House. Instead of returning to Bowdoin, she will be heading to Stockholm, Sweden for a semester abroad. There, she plans to continue her running, learn Scandinavian training techniques, and compete in a Swedish league. With the impression she has left at Bowdoin thus far, it seems clear that whomever she runs for will be lucky to have her.

Runners up: Julia Jacobs '10 (softball), Kara Nilan '11 (softball).