The women's rugby team started strong but faded in the second half of a match against a resurgent Boston University squad, who outscored the Polar Bears 17-0 in the second half on the way to a 22-10 loss.

Depsite the clouds and chill, Bowdoin started in high spirits with a rousing cheer, and translated that energy into an early goal line stop against BU.

Strong plays by wingers Elsbeth Paige-Jeffers '10 and Kerry Townsend '13 were backed up by good plays from co-captain Hannah Larson '10 to initially keep the teams even.

However, the speedy Terriers were able to break free and score a quick try.

The Polar Bears buckled down after the ensuing kick-off to the Terriers. The team regained possession and steadily worked down the left side of the field.

Once they were 22 meters from the in-goal area, Bowdoin quickly worked the ball right to winger Paige-Jeffers, who used her speed to gain the corner on the BU defenders and score a try.

Bowdoin kept up its momentum with a forceful try by prop Loryn Fridie '11 who broke through the center of the Terriers defense and scored a try in the middle of the in-goal.

"Loryn is like our secret weapon," said teammate Colleen Maher '12. "She's very powerful and great with the stiff-arm."

Halftime came with a score of 10-5 and a welcome pause to the fast-paced action. The break also marked a change in the game, as more rookies and first-time players from Bowdoin began to see the field.

First time players Andrea Koenigsberg '13, Lauren Day-Smith '13 and Zara Bowden '13 all saw action.

"It was really exciting," said Bowden. "I was a little scared at first, but it got easier once I started playing. I'm excited to improve."

The rugby team is focusing on teaching this season, which means that many inexperienced and new players are put into real game situations.

Bowdoin carried its momentum into the beginning of the warmer and sunnier second half.

The Polar Bears were dominant in field position, but the Terrier defense buckled down on the goal line to stop the drive.

The Terriers then used multiple pick-and-go moves to rapidly move the ball down the length of the field.

The scrambling Polar Bear defense was unable to stop a speedy opponent from scoring a try that tied the game at 10-10.

From then on, BU was in control of the game.

The Polar Bears played well, but multiple injuries and a lack of coordination prevented the team from mounting a comeback.

The Terriers managed to score two more tries and convert one in the last 20 minutes for the final score of 22-10.

"It was a good learning experience for everybody," said Coach MaryBeth Mathews. "I'm glad the new players got a chance to play and to learn. BU showed us what we need to work on."

"We're a young team so it can be difficult to play together and communicate," Larson added. "Everyone is working hard and leaders are stepping up to make plays and tackles, but we need everyone to contribute."

After the game, both teams shared pizza and company.

Said Larson, "We might be very competitive out on the field, but we're friendly afterwards."