Letter: Orient staff accused of being sh*t faced drunk, October 13, 2000

We feel that the editorial was offensive and showed poor judgment on the part of the editors. We are are extremely disappointed in the Orient and hope in the future that the editors, can be, at the very least, respectful of differing opinions and the alumni and students who hold them....Was the entire Orient staff sh*t-faced drunk when they put this issue together?

Op-ed: This week's neighborly etiquette tip: Dining halls, March 9, 2001

When dining in a crowded Thorne Dining Hall, it is considered to be rude for a large group of students to rapidly engulf a couple or a small group of students who are dining at a long table, forcing them to relocate. If you wish to dine in large groups, please do so at the respect of those who dine in more intimate groups.

Op-ed: Intellectual discussion in Bowdoin's... baths? February 22, 2002

Having established that there is a serious deficiency in meaningful discourse among students at Bowdoin, I set out to solve the problem. The answer can be summed up with two words: "bath" and "house." I am proposing that the old pool building next to Smith Union be turned into a Greek-style bathhouse equipped with saunas, hot tubs, and possibly tanning booths.

Op-ed: Shouldn't we study in the library? February 21, 2003

Shushing in the library is a clearly vestigial remnant of our puritanical roots, one that must be disposed of if we are to advance as an intellectual community. To ask for relative silence in a forum designed for research pursuits is wholly antithetical to the Bowdoin College way. P. Diddy would not approve. And Daddy certainly doesn't pay thirty-five thousand dollars a year so that some bookworm can interrupt my planning for the weekend's keggers.

Letter: Skidmore's approach to hook-ups, January 30, 2004

It recently came to my attention that Skidmore has in place a computerized system by which students are able to list up to 20 other students with whom they would like to hook up. Each student's list is kept private, inaccessible to the rest of campus, but if two students appear on each other's lists, they are notified. Now my question is, why don't we have something like that? It seems to me that the positive effects would greatly outweigh the negatives. So let's get something going. Please?

Op-ed: Maine winters perpetuate 'ugliness', March 4, 2005

Winter makes people ugly. Before I get my head taken off by angry readers for that statement (since apparently saying people are ugly is a capital offense to some), let me clarify...I am not saying that winter changes people's physical attributes for the worse—as far as I know, no one grows a second head or a tail with the advent of the cold. Rather, there is something about winter that makes people both look ugly and act ugly. And with the delightfully long winter here in Maine, there is a lot of ugliness.

Op-ed: And you thought Orientation was awkward... September 15, 2006

I wish to share with you one of my most awkward moments during my time at Bowdoin..."Oh, um, excuse me," I said. And then I said this: "Nothing like a jam sandwich, says I." In a numb instant, I traveled several seconds into the past. This time, when I uttered perhaps the most awkward line imaginable, I was completely outside my body, watching the scene unfold in slow motion as I screamed "No! Don't say it!" at the top of my lungs.

Letter: Syntax and superiority: How to be pretentious, March 2, 2007

Where do we find ourselves, fellow Bowdoinians? The answer: in a world of rhetoric of which we do not know the limit, and believe that it has none. We see the countless arguments won and lost behind us, and ahead of us, the endless number that await. Unfortunately, it seems that our preparations for entering this world of political polemicizing and polemic politicizations, while giving us the tools to handle ourselves, have passed them off too hurriedly.

Letter: Looking for a student stipend to party, April 18, 2008

To the Editors:

I enjoyed the student responses to "What is Bowdoin's best kept dirty little secret?" in "Student Speak" (Apr. 4, 2008). One student response, "Bowdoin pays for you to party," runs counter to my assumption that I was paying for my child to party at Bowdoin. If indeed some sort of party stipend, or scholarship, is available, I do hope the college will so advise me.

Letter: Bond within her rights to celebrate the vagina, April 10, 2009

In light of the Vagina Monologues and the Speak Out, where I heard story after story about abused, neglected, and ashamed vaginas, Julia Bond's column ("Sex Matters: Celebrating the common denominator of womankind," March 27) was a much needed celebration of vaginas. First, why is a sex column too much about sex when it celebrates women's anatomy? It is a sex column after all, and women are sexy.