The Office of Residential Life sent notification letters to students who applied to join the staff on Thursday. The Office received 110 applications for the 71 available spots, half of which were from this year's staff members.

The number of applications is slightly down from last year's 120 applications, but Director of Residential Life Mary Pat McMahon said this dip is not "abnormal."

Students can apply to become proctors, Residential Advisors (RAs) or head proctors. According to McMahon, most first-year applicants apply to become proctors.

McMahon noted that there were fewer applications from rising juniors compared to the other class years because of the large amount of students planning on studying off-campus in the coming year.

In order to study abroad and be a member of Residential Life staff, students must take on a half-year position, which McMahon said rarely occurs. No one on this year's staff has a half-year position, and only a small number of people applied for a half-year position for next year, according to McMahon.

McMahon added that the recent alcohol incidences and increased presence of the Brunswick Police Department have not affected the interest level in the house proctor positions.

"We weren't trying to generate house proctors this year," said McMahon. "We had a lot of people who were good, willing candidates for house proctor."

The Office of Residential Life will inform students who applied to live next year in a College House of their decision after Spring Break on April 5. There are 238 applicants for 197 available spots.

Twenty current house members reapplied to live in a College House next year. This number doubled from last year's 10 returning applicants.