Though Bowdoin Student Government's (BSG) Wednesday night meeting lasted less than an hour, it passed a proposal that may affect students for years to come.

BSG voted unanimously to fund buses from Portland International Jetport (PWM) to campus at the end of Spring Break.

The end-of-break bus program will be instituted in the future if it proves successful this year.

The plan, which will initially cost the BSG $550, will provide buses to pick up Bowdoin students from the baggage claim area of PWM at three specified times on the Sunday before the start of classes. Students who wish to reserve a spot on the bus will be asked to pay a reservation fee of $10, but some spots will be open for free for students who do not reserve seating.

Each bus will have the capacity to hold 28 students and their luggage.

All BSG revenue from the Spring Break shuttle will be used to subsidize a free movie night at the Evening Star movie theater on Maine Street.

Upon hearing that the money paid by some Bowdoin students for reservations on the bus would be spent on free movie tickets for other Bowdoin students, At-Large Representative John Connolly '11 expressed his approval at what he saw as the BSG "spreading the wealth around."

Later during the meeting, Programming Chair Tessa Kramer '13 also expressed support for the plan. Kramer said the bus program will be a "green initiative," as it will reduce the number of cab rides from PWM to campus after breaks.

The bus service will be run by the NorthEast Correct Spelling Charter & Tour Company of Lewiston, Maine.