What song, artist, or album got you into music?

AR: I grew up listening to nothing but the Beatles until middle school. All on tape on My First Sony. Then I got an Ace of Base tape, but I don't think that has had a lasting influence.

CG: My camp counselor in the summer after second grade sang Indigo Girls songs all the time, so when I went home after camp my mother bought me their CD, Rites of Passage. I've been listening to folky singer/songwriters ever since. Also, there were lots of Peter, Paul, and Mary records playing in my house when I was small.

What's the best concert you've ever seen?

AR/CG: We are in agreement that the Susan Tedeschi show we saw at the State Theater last spring was the greatest concert we've ever been to. Her bluesy wailing led the guy sitting behind us to yell out, "Don't TEASE me!"

What have you been listening to lately?

AR: Sam Bush, Emmylou Harris, Greg Brown, and Tuvan throat singers (I'm serious).

CG: Alison Krauss and Union Station (Live), Los Lobos, Beethoven's later symphonies (for class).

Favorite artist?

AR: I know Dan Tobin said this last week, but it would be going against everything I believe in to not say The Grateful Dead.

CG: Lyle Lovett.

Favorite album?

AR: Bob Dylan, Desire.

CG: Indigo Girls, Rites of Passage...Old habits die hard.

Favorite Beatles song?

AR: Where do I start? Today, it would have to be "It's All Too Much."

CG: Can I choose a John Lennon song? If so, then I choose "Oh, Yoko."

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