This week, we have pulled a selection of actual headlines quotations from articles published in the Orient within the last decade. We have selected miscellaneous stories that might otherwise go undiscovered in the archives. While not as pertinent to the College's history as those selected for the larger section, they still reflect a piece—however small—of the College's past.

Domino's to take over grill delivery, March 10, 2000

According to Assistant Director for Cash Operations at Smith Union Jon Wiley, the Grill was having problems efficiently handling students' delivery orders. At approximately 10 p.m. on weeknights, he said, when "the library gets out we get really tattooed," adding that the two hours before closing provides the Grill with 75 percent of its business.

eToys to close, alum files for bankruptcy, February 16, 2001

Last month, Bowdoin alumnus Toby Lenk '83 announced his plans to close eToys, a highly-publicized online retail venture, and lay off his remaining 293 employers on April 6. According to USA Today writer Bruce Horowitz, "In just one year, eToys went from being a perceived threat to retailing giant Toys 'R' Us to just another e-commerce casualty."

College snuffs out smoking, September 13, 2002

Barry Mills, President of Bowdoin College, has banned smoking within college buildings, and placed restrictions on outdoor smoking. “The time has come for all college buildings to be smoke-free,” he said. The new policy will apply to all college spaces (including offices, apartments and college houses) and also extends to 50 feet from all building entrances.

Joshua's Restaurant and Tavern charred by fire, February 14, 2003

This past Saturday, the roof and other parts of Joshua's Restaurant and Tavern on Maine Street caught on fire, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. At 11:22 a.m. owner T.J. Siatras and bartender Bill Coburn discovered a fire...By the time the Brunswick Fire Department arrived, flames could be seen coming from the roof around the chimney.

Ian McKee '98 wins The Bachelorettte, March 5, 2004

Bowdoin's very own Ian McKee '98 went from single to engaged.

'Love' blossoms on BowdoinMatch, April 23, 2004

While they say they're not really looking for love, at press time, over 1138 Bowdoin students had already joined Bowdoin's new online dating site,, since its launch last Friday.

Student assaulted again at School Street, December 9, 2005

Over a month after he was confronted at knifepoint in the basement of his 10 School Street residence and fended off the assailant with a Tide bottle, Joshua Cippel '08 was accosted again Wednesday night in the same location. This latest incident, is the third report of trespassing on the school-leased property since the beginning of November.

Crop circles on webcam alarm alums, February 17, 2006

A mysterious design in the snow appeared early this week on the Quad and left members of the Bowdoin community baffled as to how it got there. While some wrote it off as the work of student pranksters, others suggested that extraterrestrial forces might be involved. The large design consisted of three multi-colored concentric circles.

Orient takes national newspaper award, April 6, 2007

The Bowdoin Orient was awarded second place in its category in the best-of-show competition at the Associated Collegiate Press's national college media convention over Spring Break.The Orient entered its March 2 edition into the weekly tabloid-sized newspaper category. Judges selected the winners on the basis of content and style. The convention was held in Portland, Oregon.

'Grey's' Dr. McDreamy sports Bowdoin T-shirt, October 31, 2008

Aspiring Bowdoin pre-med students have a new role model to look up do: Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepard. In the October 23 episode of the popular medical drama "Grey's Anatomy," observant viewers might have noticed that Dr. Shepard, played by Lewiston-native Patrick Dempsey, was shown wearing a grey Bowdoin T-shirt in the opening scene for exactly two seconds.

Suspects in water balloon assaults face charges, October 16, 2009

Brunswick Police arrested two local youths on charges of criminal mischief on October 2. Police and Bowdoin Security suspect that the two are at least partly responsible for the wave of water balloon assaults on students since the start of term. The suspects, one 19 and one 21, were apprehended for throwing water balloons at cars from the overpass above Route 1.