"Is it possible that having a Fox channel could cause irreparable damage to the liberal psyche at Bowdoin?" said Class of 2010 Representative Rutledge Long as the Bowdoin Student Government (BSG) prepared to pass a proposal approving subscription to the Fox Soccer Channel (FSC).

The proposal to begin subscribing to FSC, which passed unanimously with the exception of one abstention, was the only measure voted on at this week's BSG meeting. A proposal to replace a stairwell water fountain in Hawthorn-Longfellow Library (H-L Library) with a new hydration station was also discussed.

The first issue on the night's agenda, whether or not to subscribe to FSC, was the most anxiously awaited topic of discussion.

Nine visitors, a number that multiple representatives and BSG President Mike Dooley '10 proclaimed to be the greatest number of vistors ever at a BSG meeting, attended to show their support for the proposal.

Among those in attendance were at least four varsity soccer players, and the two founders of the newly chartered Soccer Club.

During the time for visitor comments, one student made reference to the Offer of the College, asking that BSG let the student body "be at home in all lands" by allowing them fuller access to "the world's sport."

FSC is the only U.S. provider of many European soccer leagues and the World Cup, which will begin at the end of this academic year.

While FSC was the most popular channel on the BSG's survey at the beginning of this academic year, it was not initially purchased because of its price.

At an annual fee of $1,300 dollars, FSC would be the only television channel provided by the BSG that is not freely available. The BSG recently agreed to reconsider purchasing FSC after the Athletic Department offered to shoulder half of its annual cost.

The proposal will now go to the Students Activities Funding Committee (SAFC) for final approval.

The second proposal debated at this week's BSG meeting, a proposal to replace a water fountain in H&L with a hydration station, was far more controversial than the debate about FSC.

Advocates of the proposal argued that hydration stations are more hygienic than traditional water fountains, that the H-L Library water fountain in question lacks water pressure, and that its water tastes "weird."

Those against the proposal were singularly concerned with the hefty $5,500 cost of replacing the water fountain.

In reference to the water fountain in H-L Library that would be replaced, Vice President for Student Organizations Branden Asemah '12 said "that water fountain is just way sketchy, but my only concern is that [replacing it would cost] such a large sum of money."

Representative of the Class of 2013 Leah Greenberg stated her belief during the meeting that a new hydration station would make good economic sense for the College.

"I think this is a good combination with the new Bowdoin water bottles at the book store," she said. "People get their new water bottle, there are a bunch of new hydration stations around. It makes sense."

BSG members voted to table the proposal until next week's meeting when it will likely be voted on.

After debate on the meeting's two proposals ended, minutes from the meetings of BSG committees and class member groups were read.

At-Large Representative Kata Solow '10 stated that the BSG Affairs Committee was working hard to have Super Snack extended until 2 a.m.

According to its minutes, the Student Affairs Committee discussed extending Jack Magee's Pub and Grill hours on Thursday through Saturday nights until 4 a.m.

This suggestion was made in light of the recent spike in alcohol transports, in the hopes that if Bowdoin students had a place to go on late weekend nights that does not serve alcohol, there would be fewer transports.

The meeting ended with Dooley reading a letter from a concerned male junior student.

In his letter, the student expressed concerns about the unreliability of weekend shuttles. The student's solution to the problem, which he said left many students, including many who are highly intoxicated, to wait a long time in the winter night's cold weather, was that the BSG should fund a third shuttle on weekends.