While one Brunswick business will sound its final last call tonight, other downtown businesses, both new and newly remodeled, continue to succeed.

Cuddy's Bar on Pleasant Street has set its final day of operation for today.

"It's only going to hurt people by not having [the bar] here," said Kristy Dwelley, who has been the owner of Cuddy's for four years.

Dwelley is not sure of what is to come after Cuddy's. However, she said that the landlords do not wish to have another bar in the same location, though there have been several different bars at 103 Pleasant Street for nearly thirty years.

Cuddy's is being closed because the town council rejected a renewal of the bar's liquor license. According to Dwelley, the police accused Cuddy's of serving intoxicated people and for allowing them to remain on the premises.

"I was here and it's their word against mine," said Dwelley. "We know the rules and we did enforce the law."

Because of its removed location from downtown Brunswick, Cuddy's never had any "specific Bowdoin college nights." However, there were several Bowdoin students who served as regular customers.

"We had groups come in for a birthday party a couple weeks ago," Dwelley said.

"Joshua's Tavern, Sea Dog's and MJ's have more specific things for Bowdoin College," she said. "Each of us is unique and we have different themes going on."

Dwelley credits her employees and loyal customers for Cuddy's staying open as long as it did. Her life will change dramatically without the bar.

"I can't say the change will be positive or negative. But I will miss the customers, hands down. They have always been the number one thing," she said.

The customers will also be affected by Cuddy's closing.

"People are already wondering where they will be going. Nobody knows a place quite like this," Dwelley said. "This place has a heart to it. A lot more people will be having parties at their own houses."

Though Brunswick will be greatly affected by Cuddy's closing, residents should look forward to the grand opening of Byrnes Irish Pub, scheduled for St. Patrick's Day, according to Michael Lyne, who represents the developer of Maine St. Station.

"Despite a very sluggish economy, nationally and locally, and with the loss of Brunswick Naval Air Station shoppers, Maine Street Station, and hopefully all of Maine Street is seeing some signs of hope for the future," Lyne said.

Byrnes Irish Pub received building permits from the State Fire Marshall and the Town of Brunswick as well as its liquor license from the Brunswick Town Council, Lyne said.

According to Lyne, Scarlet Begonia's has been doing extremely well since they opened their new location in October.

Bowdoin is also a tenant of some of Maine Street Station's buildings.

According to Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer Katy Longley, the College Store is in one of the spaces and the second floor of another building holds Bowdoin's dance studio, two faculty offices and an Information Technology office.

"It has recently been announced that Best Buy will also be subletting a small portion of the College Store," said Lyne.

In addition, the new train station will have a Brunswick Visitor Center.

Brunswick residents and Bowdoin students eagerly anticipate Amtrak Downeaster's connection from Brunswick to Portland.

"NEPRA had been awarded a federal grant that will facilitate the arrival of the Amtrak Downeaster to Brunswick," said Lyne.

He described his enthusiasm for Bowdoin students being physically integrated into the community.

"We love the fact that more students are drawn to downtown."