At the end of the school year, Assistant Director of Residential Life Dudney Sylla '08 will be leaving his position after two years on the job.

According to Director of Residential Life Mary Pat McMahon, the search committee established to find a replacement will begin reviewing candidate materials in the next two weeks.

McMahon said they are looking for someone to fill the same role as Sylla, who lives on-campus and has a meal plan.

"Dudney's primary responsibility is oversight of the College House system," McMahon said. "We're looking for someone who has vision for the next steps for the College House program."

While Bowdoin graduates have often filled the position in the past, McMahon stressed that both internal and external applicants will be considered. Current seniors also may be candidates.

"It's going to happen this semester," McMahon said. "We'd like to have the position filled by [then]."

Sylla's plans after Bowdoin are not set in stone, though he has applied to graduate programs for higher education, and said he will have a better idea of where he is headed in March when he hears back from them.

Sylla said he aims to work with students roughly of high school or college age, teaching leadership and character development. Sylla reflected on his time at Bowdoin—both as a student and staff member—and thought highly of his six years here.

"It's a good place to be. It's a good place to grow, a good place to develop," Sylla said.

Sylla also spoke about his time as Assistant Director of Residential Life and what it meant to him.

"I've really enjoyed my experience overall in this role. We have a unique opportunity to work with students who are very dynamic, are very smart and have a lot of ideas," he said. "One aspect that can be having those difficult conversations. Whether there's a roommate conflict, or people aren't seeing eye-to-eye...It's difficult, but they are probably some of the situations I've learned the most from."

Sylla said that he would not rule out remaining at Bowdoin in another capacity, but that he had been thinking more about graduate school.

"I'm excited to go to a new place and just try something new and be in a different location," be said. "It's always good to experience something different."