Tonight, Fanny Pak will be performing on Bowdoin's own Pickard Theater stage, flaunting their eccentric style and the fanny packs made famous on MTV's second season of "America's Best Dance Crew."

The Los Angeles-based dance group is comprised of seven hip-hop, contemporary, and jazz trained dancers: Matt, Barracuda, Beau, Glenda, Megan, Phillip and Tiffani.

Led by Matt Cady, the group gained widespread popularity after its success on "America's Best Dance Crew," in which they placed third behind SoReal Cru and Super Cr3w.

Making a statement with their 80's inspired style and the fanny packs that became their namesake, the crew has continued to perform and choreograph since the MTV competition.

"I became obsessed with Fanny Pak from watching them on 'America's Best Dance Crew.' When I joined the Entertainment Board (E-Board) last year, I knew they were something I wanted to make happen for Bowdoin," said sophomore Antonio Watson of the E-Board.

In addition to tonight's show, the E-Board arranged for members of Fanny Pak to hold two dance workshops this morning for interested Bowdoin students.

The two 90-minute long sessions were master classes in which members taught their individual and unique choreographies to participants. Because space was limited to a total of 50 students, available slots were filled a mere 20 minutes after the sign-up sheets became available on Tuesday.

While Fanny Pak has its own multifaceted program planned for tonight, Bowdoin student dance groups will perform as well. Elemental, Obvious, Unity and ANOKHA will open for the main event.

"Fanny Pak has orchestrated many different parts [of the show] themselves—group dancing, solos, video and audience interaction—into something that we believe the Bowdoin community will really enjoy," Watson said.

After their performance, the group will hold a Q&A session in Drake Lounge where Fanny Pak t-shirts and autographs will be available.

The show will begin at 8 p.m. tonight at Pickard Theatre.