Posters with the head of Ben Cedars '11 in the place of a turkey as the centerpiece of a Thanksgiving table now make a little more sense. Cedars and Bowdoin's only improvisational comedy group, the Improvabilities, presented their Thanksgiving-themed performance last night in Kresge Auditorium. In addition to Cedars, this year's the troupe includes Kacey Berry '13, Lucas O'Neil '12, Will Alexander '12, Anneka Nelson '11, Lenny Pierce '10, Sam Duchin '10 and non-Bowdoin student Nick Rendall.

The group amused the audience with its usual activities and introduced two new games.

The show ended with a new "turkey time" game, in which Improvabilities members asked the crowd to yell out things they were thankful for. The comedians then proceeded to depict the four mentioned things—Bowdoin, beer, family and friends—in a Thanksgiving setting. The game got a little messy, eventually leading to a hilarious reference to Director of Safety and Security Randy Nichols.

Last night was the second Improvabilities show of the year. The first was a pre-Racer X performance on October 17 that doubled as the Bowdoin debut of several of the group's members, including its only first-year, Berry. Because group improvisation is very much about interpersonal dynamics, the addition of new members had a definite effect on the group as a whole, injecting an already-appreciated act with new flavor.

-Compiled by Tasha Sandoval