To the Editors:

Craig Hardt—you are a beautiful man. Thank you so much for writing about the appalling existence of standard time.

Time has run out for advocates of standard time in the winter months in America. It is an inexcusable fact that we must turn our clocks back. I for one find myself full of bottled anger from November through March simply because I know that I would have an extra hour of afternoon daylight if we were to use daylight saving time (DST) year round.

Congress was smart to pass legislation in 2007 that extended daylight saving time, and former President George W. Bush was smart enough to sign it. This made DST the new "standard" time.

But now we must take the final step: abolish standard time once and for all. It's a campaign around which all Mainers can rally. We can call it "DST for ME," and we can rid this state of the great evil of standard time.

The grassroots effort starts here at Bowdoin. Craig Hardt has begun the revolution, and it will not end until we no longer need to change our clocks.


Danny Lowinger '12