If the demand at Wednesday's seasonal flu clinic is any indicator, all of the College's remaining H1N1 vaccine should be gone by the end of today's H1N1 vaccine clinic.

On Wednesday, students lined up for seasonal flu vaccines at the clinic, during which 222 doses were administered.

According to Dean of Student Affairs Tim Foster, over the course of the year the College has received three batches of seasonal flu vaccine, each with 100 doses in each shipment.

All 300 doses of vaccine have been administered to students.

Foster said that approximately 80 of the students who were immunized for seasonal flu were students at high risk for influenza complications.

There have been delays in deliveries and shortages across the state for both the seasonal flu vaccine and the H1N1 vaccine, according to the Maine Center for Disease Control (Maine CDC).

According to the weekly H1N1 update from the Maine CDC, "41,800 doses of H1N1 vaccine were distributed in Maine this week, bringing the total [number of] vaccines in the state to 180,400 doses."

Of the 100 doses of H1N1 vaccine that were allotted to the College, almost all of them have been administered to students at high risk for complications from influenza.

"We've aggressively reached out to the high-risk students" said Foster.

"A very small supply" of doses of the H1N1 vaccine are still available and will be administered to students today in the Huddle Room of the Peter Buck Center for Health and Wellness, according to an e-mail on behalf of Health Services sent yesterday evening.

"We will administer the vaccine until our supplies run out," read the e-mail. Foster said he remains hopeful that the College will receive additional doses of the H1N1 vaccine, but also encouraged students to seek it out elsewhere.

"When people go home for breaks...and they have access to either the seasonal flu vaccine or the H1N1 vaccine with their [Primary Care Provider] at home, they should by all means take advantage of that," he said.

According to the Bowdoin Web site's weekly H1N1 update, no new cases flu-like symptoms have been reported since November 5, keeping the number of cases since the school year's start at 208.