In volleyball, a game where communication and teamwork are essential to success, it is important to have a go-to player. When that player is also a source of motivation and confidence to the other players, it's advantageous. If that player can be versatile and competitive, you've found a real winner. If, on top of that, the player can break records and be a dedicated team player, you've found Gillian Page '10.

In her second year as team captain and her fourth year starting for the team, Page has 298 kills on the season, and leads the Polar Bears in attacks, kills and service aces.

Not to mention, she has acquired almost 300 kills every season she has been at Bowdoin, holds the school record for career attacks, broke the record for single season attacks in 2007, and is second in career digs to co-captain Jenna Diggs '10.

Page also now holds the school record for total kills with an impressive 1224 kills to date in her four years.

It is evident by her numbers alone that Page has made a tremendous impact on Bowdoin's volleyball program. Nevertheless, Head Coach Karen Corey and Diggs both agree that what Page has done for the Polar Bears cannot be quantified by the numbers under her name in the stats column.

Corey said that Page has been particularly instrumental in changing the culture of the team to a significantly more competitive mindset.

"She earned a starting position right away because she has a great attitude and is very teachable," she said. "I love that tenacity in her."

Corey also agreed that Page's competitive drive definitely helped to eliminate any complacency on the team.

Diggs agreed, describing Page as "a presence on the court with her positive attitude and competitive drive. She's a person a lot of players look to for confidence and to make the big plays happen. She has a record-breaking number of kills and that has been phenomenal in the overall success of the program over the past four years."

"She has this way about her, her attitude of wanting to win is just so contagious to the people around her," Diggs added. "She's just a player you want to be with on the court because you know she's going to get it done for the team."

Paired with her skill, Page's calm demeanor works to keep her teammates focused and relaxed during games and practices.

Page is looking forward to facing Williams on November 6 at Tufts in the quarterfinals of the NESCAC Tournament.

In the team's last game against Williams in mid-October, Page contributed nine kills and 14 digs, despite the loss.

In a crucial 3-0 win against Amherst last weekend, Page again led the Polar Bears with 11 kills and added 14 digs to the effort.

Page said that after the big win against Amherst, the team is "looking to put another purple team under our belt."

When asked what she'll miss the most about Bowdoin volleyball, Page didn't skip a beat; it seemed as though she's considered it before.

"I'll miss the team first," she said quickly and with a smile, "and I'll miss the level of competition. People always say you can play after you graduate but there's nothing like putting a Bowdoin jersey on and playing for your school."