While many Bowdoin students hit the beaches this Spring Break, the Meddiebempsters embarked on a trip of a different sort.

Equipped with their recognizable blue blazers and well-known sense of humor, the Meddies, Bowdoin's oldest a cappella group, toured southern states and performed everywhere from college campuses to the Bowdoin Club in Washington D.C. The tour was documented by Christopher Li '11, who created and maintained the Meddies' travel blog throughout the trip. Complete with pictures, sound clips and set lists, the blog was a way for the group to connect with friends, fans, and family while on the road.

"It was a multimedia showcase," George Aumoithe '11 said.

Reuniting during the second week of spring break, the Meddies headed to Downingtown, Pa., for their first gig. Staying at the home of David Yee '09, the group looked forward to its travels south.

The next stop of the tour was the nation's capital, Washington D.C., where the Meddies treated the city to impromptu performances of patriotic tunes such as the "Star Spangled Banner." In addition to touring the city, the group also performed at the Bowdoin Club where they got a chance to sing for some of its fans.

"There were some older alumni there," Aumoithe said. "They knew who we were, which was great."

The next stop was Richmond, Va., and the long car ride left a lasting impression.

"It was good bonding time, hanging out and being stinky together," Brian Wu '11 said.

Spending a considerable amount of time with group was a positive experience for Aumoithe.

"So many long car rides gave us an opportunity to really get to know each other," he said "Rides where you talk about just everything."

These long trips led to performances in Wu's hometown of Cary, N.C., and then to the most inspiring performance of the trip: a gig at the University of North Carolina Children's Hospital. In addition to singing in the atrium of the hospital, the Meddies also went door to door to serenade patients and nurses.

Afterwards, the group headed to Wake Forest University, which proved to be the high point of the trip.

"The frat parties at Wake Forest were insane. It made us appreciate Bowdoin a lot more," Wu said.

In addition to singing at Wake Forest, the Meddies also stopped at Haverford College.

The trip provided an opportunity for the group to debut some new songs they have been working on. New tracks included Weezer's "Buddy Holly" and Stevie Wonder's "Superstition."

"We can't give it all away," Aumoithe quipped. "But we have been working on some new stuff that we will perform at Bowdoin."

The Meddies will hold their spring invitational tonight in the chapel at 7 p.m. Their travel blog can be found at http://web.me.com/clibird/Meddies_on_Tour.