The breakfast scene at Moulton and Thorne are familiar routines: swiping in, grabbing a newspaper, and sitting down to read the news with your scrambled eggs and fruit platter. A less familiar routine, however, is that of students returning these newspapers after breakfast for later diners to enjoy.

The importance of returning the newspapers is two-fold. Our contract to receive the daily newspapers at a reduced price, negotiated by BSG, is conditional upon the papers being returned and recycled. Failure to return the papers led to a suspension of delivery last spring, and there's no reason for that to happen again. More critical is the aim to make daily news readily available to students. We commend BSG for recognizing this and working to ensure that a variety of news sources are accessible. Without student cooperation, however, the system cannot work.

Without a system of signing papers out, or being otherwise held accountable for them, ensuring their return is based on the honor system. Putting each newspaper on a wooden stick, as in the library, would help to ensure the safe return and re-reading of the papers. Though this would be cumbersome, it would provide an opportunity for more students to read the news.

However, we know to share and to put things back where they belong. So peruse the morning paper at breakfast, return it, and check out what you've missed online.

The editorial represents the majority view of The Bowdoin Orient's editorial board, which comprises: Nick Day, Nat Herz, Will Jacob, Mary Helen Miller, and Cati Mitchell.