President Mills' family is undoubtedly in the midst of both difficult and exciting times. Will Mills' emergency operation for a brain tumor came shortly after Karen Gordon Mills' appointment as the head of the Small Business Administration. As the Mills embark on this challenging journey, we at Bowdoin will keep them all in our thoughts.

Ms. Mills' name has recently appeared in headlines across the country, and we applaud her decision to step up to a position of rigorous civic service. At Bowdoin, we are proud that such an important member of our community has chosen to serve our country as well.

But, the excitement surrounding Ms. Mills' appointment has taken a backseat in light of her son's health. Though President Mills informed the campus that Will's long-term prognosis looks good, our hearts go out to Will and his family as he faces this struggle.

Many of us know Will and Karen personally, but all of us know them as members of a family that is wholly dedicated to this College community. As the Mills move forward to confront the challenges ahead, we hope they will find the strength to do so from each other and from all of us here at Bowdoin.

The editorial represents the majority view of The Bowdoin Orient's editorial board, which comprises: Nick Day, Nat Herz, Will Jacob, Mary Helen Miller, and Cati Mitchell.