A pants-less student skateboarding behind a car? Another getting stuck in a tree? While these may be anomalies on a normal weekend, on Ivies, they're not out of the question.

While most students manage to avoid such arboreal encounters, Ivies Weekend is typically a time when some students find themselves in tricky situations.

According to Director of Safety and Security Randy Nichols, his department will be doubling?and at times, tripling?its normal campus coverage.

"We found last year when we critiqued our patrol coverage, there were gaps," Nichols said. "We'll be looking for high-risk behavior... We're simply asking students to use their heads and drink responsibly, if they choose to drink."

This year, Security will be dividing up into two groups: one to cover the big Ivies events, and one for general campus patrol.

Earlier in the week, at a "fireside chat" with students, Nichols said that his officers will use their discretion when dealing with rowdy students.

"We use quite a bit of tolerance. We try to keep it contained, and we try to keep it off the streets," he said.

While the Brunswick Police Department (BPD) is allowed on campus, Nichols said their presence is expected to be limited.

"They're going to be concentrating on things that are right out there and basically in their face," he said. "I think [BPD] really respect the program we have here."

According to Lieutenant Mark Waltz '89, BPD is not taking any special precautions for the weekend.

"The College has made us aware [of Ivies], but we're not putting extra people on," he said. "We don't go out of our way to pick on anyone."

Waltz did confirm, however, that BPD is obligated to respond to any noise complaints it receives.

With regard to noise, Nichols said that Security intends to "let the bands go as long as we possibly can."

Like Security, the Dining Service will also alter its normal program for the weekend.

The Dining Service held Super Snack on Thursday night, but cancelled it for tonight and Saturday. According to Assistant Director of Operations Michele Gaillard, there is always "added stress" during the weekend, and the meal is even more difficult to staff during Ivies.

To compensate for the lack of Super Snack on Friday and Saturday, Gaillard said that the Dining Service will serve an extra Super Snack next Wednesday.

In addition, Moulton Union will be designated as a "chem-free" dining hall on Friday night, while Thorne may be a bit more rowdy.

Another change for this year is the location of Saturday evening's school-wide barbeque. Normally held on the lawn in front of Baxter, the meal will instead take place on the Quad, according to Associate Director of the Dining Service Ken Cardone.

Cardone also said that the Dining Service has worked with Bowdoin Student Government to set up "snack packs," which will be sent out to campus-wide parties as an alternative to alcohol.

For Ivies, Cardone said, preparation is key.

"As long as things are planned well in advance, and we know what's going on, we can handle it," he said.

Nichols said that he genuinely enjoys Ivies, despite the fact that he will be working 18-hour days Thursday through Sunday morning.

"I don't dread it at all?I like the action on campus," he said at the fireside chat. "I dread more the time students are away. It's too quiet...Ivies is exactly the time you want to be doing your job."

Anne Riley contributed to this report.