Underneath Dudley Coe, down an unassuming staircase and through a nondescript door, lies a haven for Brunswick's music lovers. The WBOR station is a popular hangout for the fledgling DJs of the local community. This week the station will hold its annual concert, featuring the popular artist The One AM Radio.

The one-man project of vocalist and guitarist Hrishikesh Hirway employs a mix of indie, pop, electronica and rock, bringing a totally new sound to the airwaves. Hirway's music is soothing and mysterious and has the best effect when thinking deeply or driving alone on a dark night.

Hirway spearheaded the production of three studio albums, including his most recent release, "This Too Shall Pass," on which he plays most of the instruments. Released in 2007 by Dangerbird Records, the record is a mixture of Elliott Smith vocals, Death Cab for Cutie melodies, and Of Montreal electronics. Don't be so quick to pigeon-hole him, though, as Hirway insisted in a phone interview that he doesn't "like characterizing my music into a specific genre."

An impressive talent, Hirway was modest about his extensive musical ability.

"I played piano when I was a little kid and I started playing drums in bands in high school," Hirway said.

"You kind of just make whatever you can with what you've got," he said.

"If I could play more instruments they would be on the record too," he added.

Tomorrow's visit is not The One AM Radio's first trip to Bowdoin.

"I played at Bowdoin a couple of years ago and it was an awesome show," said Hirway. "It was really great and we hung out and stayed over. So when we were asked to play again it was really easy to say yes."

A testament to the campus' friendly atmosphere, it is clear that The One AM Radio has a local fan base.

With many bands, both on campus and off, trying to hit it big, Hirway offered some reasons to stick with it.

"There have been moments here and there that have made me feel like what I'm doing is worthwhile and that this is the thing I should be doing with me life," he said.

"It's not easy to figure out that kind of stuff," Hirway added, "but things that people have said to me about songs I've written that had an effect on their lives are really what makes it great."

The WBOR concert will take place tomorrow at 8 p.m. The concert is in the Chase Barn, located on Maine Street, attached to the Boody-Johnson House. The concert is free and Bowdoin's own The Milkman's Union will open.