"I'd give up sleeping under covers for a year for the Sox to win it all," first year Bryan Rosata said while watching Game 4 of the World Series last Sunday night.

Rosata would not be disappointed. Hours later, Jonathan Papelbon fired a 95 mile-per-hour fastball past the bat of pinch-hitter Seth Smith, and the Colorado Rockies went down with a whimper.

The win marked the Red Sox's second World Series sweep in four years, and sparked articles on ESPN.com titled "Red Sox are masters of baseball universe" and "This time, Red Sox bulldozed their way to title."

At Bowdoin, there was much rejoicing.

"I'm excited for the Red Sox winning the World Series, because my roommate would have gone into a deep state of depression if they hadn't pulled it off," said Kevin O'Connor '11, a Westwood, Mass., native.

His roommate, Matt Gannon '11, echoed this sentiment.

"I would have killed myself if the Sox had blown a three-game lead," Gannon said.

For Game 4 of the World Series, Bowdoin Student Government (BSG) and Residential Life co-sponsored a screening of the game in Daggett Hall on a big screen projector and provided free pizza. Despite the offer of free food, many students decided to watch the game elsewhere; in the fifth inning, just 21 people were watching the game on the large screen.

"Everyone's probably just boozing it and watching the game. Either that or they're doing homework and watching the game," Scott Ogden '10 said.

There was some concern that celebrations on campus would get out of hand after the game, as was the case in 2004 when the Red Sox clinched their first World Series title in 86 years.

"In 2004, there was a bonfire down in the Quad of Brunswick Apartments," said Director of Security Randy Nichols. "The bonfire was fully engaged, and it was made up of cardboard boxes and branches."

"There was a crowd around the fire, and the fire department was called and extinguished it," Nichols added.

"It was nuts in '04," senior Damien Poles, a Dorchester, Mass., native said. "I was in Howell House, and I ran outside and started screaming."

"Whenever people met in groups everyone would scream," he added. "Everyone watched in '04, even the professors."

However, Nichols said that the celebrating was quieter this year than before. Although Nichols was not on staff in 2004, a number of his co-workers were.

"There was one minor noise complaint we received, which we weren't the least bit concerned about," Nichols said. "It was short-lived and out on the main Quad. It was something that we would expect as long as it was held to reason," Nichols said.

Despite the relative tranquility at Bowdoin after the victory, Boston college students experienced a more festive-like atmosphere.

Boston University first year Brian Quinn was just 20 yards away from Fenway Park when the Red Sox completed their four-game sweep.

"As soon as they won everyone threw beer and charged out to Fenway, there were a couple thousand people outside," he said. "People were just moshing and crowd-surfing everywhere."

"Kenmore Square was a scene of like 10,000 college students," he added.

Nichols was pleased that things did not get of control at Bowdoin.

"Some colleges have some real problems [with that]," he said.