When Bowdoin's high-ranking cafeteria food doesn't cut it, Big Top Delicatessen is the place to go in Brunswick for a delicious sandwich. Located at 70 Maine St., Big Top offers an extensive menu chock full of sumptuous and succulent New York style lunch platters.

The deli's motif is a three ring circus and it is clean, bright and welcoming to the hoards of hungry lunch patrons who crowd its tables every afternoon. Big Top's menu, which is available online at www.bigtopdeli.com, includes hot and cold sandwiches, soups, salads, burgers and even breakfast options. Even the appetites of children and vegetarians will be satisfied by the menu's vast contents.

With so many items on the menu, one would expect to be dissatisfied by at least one dish. At Big Top this is not the case, as every sandwich seems to be better than the last. "The meatball sub is delicious," said first year Evan Fricke. "They grill the bun and melt the cheese, and it's just extremely choice."

Another favorite among Bowdoin students is the Goose sandwich, which contains turkey, avocado, smoked Gouda cheese, cucumbers and honey mustard. A must have item is the Philly Cheese Steak, which is gooey and messy but an absolutely delicious classic. If a sub or sandwich is not your bag of chips, the wraps are also delicious.

"The wrap is nice and warm, while the inside is very cold and it's a good mix of temperatures," said first year Emma Chiappetta.

Additionally, Big Top keeps a large variety of drinks in stock and chips and a pickle are optional with every order.

Famished Bowdoin students are not the only ones drawn to this deli. Big Top also attracts a large crowd of regulars from the Brunswick community.

"I come here every day on my lunch break," said one resident. "I get the Reuben sandwich every time, and it's always awesome."

Occasionally, it's possible to spot cadets from the Brunswick Navel air station indulging at Big Top.

This popularity is due not only to the wonderful food but to the friendly service. Employees greet customers with a smile and gracious attitude. The food, in addition to its excellence, is delivered quickly. Outdoor tables, if you are lucky enough to get one, make for a café atmosphere and a pleasant lunch. A crate of children's toys are a nice touch and thoroughly appreciated by parents looking to enjoy a quiet meal. Another attractive characteristic of Big Top is the deli's commitment to recycling all of its plastic bottles.

The only possible complaint the Big Top Deli could invite is its distance from campus. Though it is a pleasant walk in the fall, the journey down Maine Street will seem a lot longer once winter hits. Big Top is a staple of Brunswick and a must visit eatery for those who have not yet experienced its various delights. Big Top is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.