The Editors have no agenda for the Opinion section of the Orient. These pages belong to the Bowdoin community, and we urge students, faculty, staff members, parents, and campus neighbors alike to use them to learn from one another. Indeed, the discourse that takes place on these pages each week is an invaluable resource, as it encourages us all to better articulate our viewpoints and challenges us to consider new perspectives.

In order to best utilize the space set aside for submissions each week, the Orient has implemented a clear policy regarding opinion pieces and letters. While the Editors do not select submissions based on whether or not we agree with the author's viewpoint, we are not obligated to print every submission we receive. Letters and opinion pieces that are libelous, blatantly offensive, poorly articulated, or inapplicable to the greater Bowdoin community have no place in our publication. Letters and opinion pieces may be edited according to Orient and Associated Press style and must not exceed 200 and 800 words, respectively. Submissions received after 7 p.m. on Wednesday will not be considered for that week's issue.

Readers wishing to respond to an opinion piece may submit a letter the following week referencing the opinion piece in question. Letters in response to an opinion piece will only be run in the following week's issue and any further debate on the issue will not take place on these pages. The original author of the opinion piece in question will not be afforded a space to respond to letters received in reference to the opinion piece, as it is our expectation that he will have made his original argument to the best of his ability, making any additional response on the part of the author wholly redundant and unnecessary. Any questions on this or any other Orient policy can be submitted to the Editors at

The Editors maintain discretion to change the submission policy at any time.