Bowdoin Student Government (BSG) received a first look at a proposed revision of the academic attendance policy developed by the faculty's Student Affairs Committee.

The revised policy, which was introduced at BSG's Wednesday night meeting, attempts to increase communication between students and faculty members regarding scheduling conflicts and evening activities, including exams, film screenings, and athletic practices.

Dean of Student Affairs Tim Foster said the current policy is not descriptive or accessible enough for faculty and students. As a result, conflicts arise that force students to make difficult choices between academics and extracurricular activities. Foster would like to alleviate such issues by increasing communication about schedules through a clearer outline and policy guidelines.

The Student Affairs Committee is in the process of meeting with departments and groups on campus to discuss possible revisions. Eventually, a proposal will be made for the Bowdoin faculty to vote on.

In other business, BSG President DeRay Mckesson '07 announced the newly appointed members of the Judicial Board: Sarah Richards '10, Emily Baird '09, Matt Smith '09, Lisa Brathwaite '08, and Hanne Wieschhoff '08. He added that he has "full faith" in this "strong" group, and that the process was perhaps the most competitive he's seen.

Also, Vice President of Student Government Affairs Dustin Brooks '08 announced progress in the BSG-created Community Response Committee, designed to propose Bowdoin's responses to humanitarian crises. BSG is in the process of finding the right members for the group.

"We attempted to find some balance between divisions of the College, aim for professors who we're sure would be here for a while, aim for students who are involved with the community and engaged," said Brooks.

Also, Nate Tavel '08 was presented as the new Class of 2008 representative. Tavel was appointed to replace Erma Drigo '08, who resigned last month.

In addition, BSG passed constitutional amendments regarding unfilled seats, removal and resignation clauses, election reform, term clarification, and class office resignation. Brooks assured BSG members that making the revisions, while a long process, is essential to clarify the BSG constitution.

It was also announced that Rahzel will be playing Ivies weekend with Kevin Little, and that the Campus Activities Board is looking into Josh Rouse as an opening act.