What song, artist, or album changed your life?

ML: Green Day's Dookie was definately the first album that made me really get into music and start buying records.

LW: Weezer. I remember when my brother bought the blue album when it first came out and I liked it so much I stole it.

What's the best concert you've ever seen?

ML: This past summer when I saw Radiohead at Red Rocks in Denver. It was the perfect mix of a cool venue and an amazing show.

LW: I guess I would say Pearl Jam because it was my first concert and I finally understood what was so great about live music.

What have you been listening to lately?

ML: The new Franz Ferdinand is great and I just started listening to the Lost in Translation soundtrack which I also really like.

LW: I recently discovered Heart of Oak by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists and Chutes too Narrow from The Shins and I've been alternating them in my CD player ever since. Both are great albums.

Favorite artist?

ML: Since I've already mentioned Radiohead and the Beatles are in the next question, I'll just say that I will always have a soft spot for Oasis.

LW: In the last four years I've developed a new appreciation for, and slight obsession with the Clash.

Favorite album?

ML: In terms of fully cohesive albums I would say that one of my favorites is Badly Drawn Boy's Hour of the Bewilderbeast.

LW: Yeah, I know its a giant cop-out but I don't have one. It depends on the day and my mood.

Favorite Beatles song?

ML: Such a tough question...this changes about once a month, but "I'm Only Sleeping" from Revolver will always be up there.

LW: "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away." My roommate and I have listened to it so many times it's disgusting, but we still love it.

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