It's rare that a comedian gets his big break as a walk-on running back for a Big Ten football team.

The popular comedian Godfrey, who will perform tonight for the Parents Weekend crowd, displayed his first hints of comedic brilliance during a varsity football talent show, shortly after making the squad at the University of Illinois-Champaign. Impersonating coaches and teammates, he got a rise out of his audience.

"Godfrey has a long list of credentials, which include being featured on VH1, MTV, and NBC. We figured that made him both hip and appropriate," said Rob Reider '07, co-chair of the Campus Activities Board (CAB) Concerts and Comedy Committee.

In addition to a recurring role on "Third Watch," Godfrey has also appeared on a number of Comedy Central specials. But he may be most well-known for his highly popular 7Up commericials and his small role in "Zoolander," where he played Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) in disguise.

Currently, Godfrey is a regular at New York's comedy clubs, including the Comedy Cellar, Comic Strip, and the Boston Comedy Club.

Deciding on entertainment for Parents Weekend can often prove to be a tough balancing act for the Campus Activities Board. Comedians, especially, have to be entertaining without being offensive.

CAB co-chair Megan MacClennan '07 illustrated the balance necessary with comedians.

"They can appeal to a large range of people?parents, younger siblings, grandparents, and students here at Bowdoin," she said. "In booking someone for the event, however, we strive to find a comedian that is clean and offers humor that is appealing to everyone."

"A comedian is a good act for the Friday night of Parents Weekend because it's an event that both parents and students can go to in comparison to a concert or a foam party," said Sarah Scott '07, the other CAB co-chair. "You wouldn't want your mom or dad dancing in a pit of foam."

Godfrey, a Chicago native whose parents came to the United States after fleeing the Nigerian-Biafran Civil War, fits the board's condition that a Parents Weekend comedian should be both appropriate and funny.

Scott stated that comedians are notified about the nature of the weekend before coming to campus and they understand who their audience is.

Still, Emma Reilly '09, the other co-chair of the Concerts and Comedy Committee, believed that the board doesn't have to sacrifice humor to keep the content appropriate.

"Godfrey is definitely a name that is recognized and hopefully will attract attention," she said. "We were hoping to bring in someone that was going to be appropriate for parents and students and, most importantly, funny."

If Godfrey doesn't abide by the board's recommendation to keep it clean, Scott is looking on the bright side.

"Well, then it will give the students and their parents something to talk about," she said. "It's really about the bonding experience."