Bowdoin may not have a Division I basketball team dribbling by Kansas or Kentucky in every March Madness, and our campus is far from an Olympic training ground. Yet, two teams this season have especially highlighted the strength of Bowdoin Athletics. The field hockey and football teams' athletic achievements have made the campus proud?they have exceeded all expectations and we congratulate them for their accomplishments.

Coming off a number of down seasons, the football team has played a smart and disciplined game since its opener against Middlebury. From Quarterback Ricky Leclerc's amazingly-targeted passes to Linebacker Shaun Kezer's wall of a defense, the entire team has come together and proven that Bowdoin football is no longer the team other schools want to play at their homecomings. Tomorrow the team will face Colby?both are 6-1?at home in a season finale with second place in the NESCAC on the line. Saturday's football game is a must-see: not only to witness what could be a perfect end to a storied season, but to show the team support and congratulations for its last seven hard-fought games. Saturday is an opportunity for the campus to unite and show those Mules what it means to be an 800-pound predator looking for blood.

The Bowdoin Field Hockey Team?the newly crowned NESCAC champion?will compete in the NCAA playoffs this weekend. Winning the NESCAC final against Williams in penalty strokes after double overtime was a fitting end to an undefeated 14-0 regular season. Now at 16-0, Bowdoin is currently the only undefeated team in Division III field hockey. After a first-round bye, the team will face the College of New Jersey at home Saturday. If victorious, the team will play again on Sunday in a third-round match at Ryan Field. Students and faculty will be in for a treat if they attend this weekend's matches. From Margaret Gormley's dynamic defense to Christi Gannon's unstoppable offense, the team's future opponents should be fearful indeed because this season's Polar Bears have exhibited an inexorable determination to win. Future success notwithstanding, this team has carved an enduring place for itself in Bowdoin's history books.

We wish football and field hockey the very best of luck this weekend and once again congratulate them on their successes.

The editorial represents the majority view of The Bowdoin Orient's editorial board. The editorial board consists of the editors-in-chief and the managing editor.