Katie Bacall

Apollo and Argos
10 ½ and 13 years old

Apollo and Argos have been convincing their owner, Allen Moss, to walk them around the campus for more than a decade. They love to walk on the fields behind Farley Field House and solicit pats from the practicing players.


Katie Bacall

2 years old

“He’s named after the hockey player, Gordie Howe.”
“What does he like to do?”
“He loves to chase tennis balls. If he was off leash he would love to chase squirrels”
“What does he like to eat?”
“Pretty much any dog chow. Biscuits. He loves biscuits.”
“Any favorite flavor?”
“What’s his hobby?”


Katie Bacall

Golden doodle
1 ½ years old

“Walks and squirrels!” are what make Juliette happy. To keep her happy, her owner brings her to campus almost every day. While her owner’s favorite spot is the main Quad, Juliette will go wherever the squirrels are.


Katie Bacall

Border Collie

Bet was first spotted running next to her bike-riding owner as they sped past a tour group. “One of her jobs is to steal the show from the people who are being taken around and introduced to Bowdoin, and so like we go by and they are all looking at her because of how boring can it be when you are being told about the buildings or something,” her owner said. When she is not distracting visitors, Bet enjoys chasing after squirrels. “She has caught a couple squirrels and it’s unclear as to whether she killed them or not… but her job is more herding and not killing.”


Harry Jung

3 ½ years old

“Do you come here often?”
“What does she like to eat?”
The best part about Hannah? “She’s always smiling!”


Katie Bacall

3 years old
Portuguese water dog

Raffi’s owner commented on the numerous dog that often walk on campus. “There’s really a dog community. I don’t think there are exceptions to all of us being so grateful we can use this space and I think we are pretty respectful of it ... It’s really a great thing, we know the dogs’ names better than the people’s!”

One of the best parts about the dog community is that the dogs can play with each other. For example, Raffi has a best friend, Mandy. “He plays with her almost everyday and has since he was 6 months old and they’re a little bit like Mr. and Mrs., they just are so glad to see each other everyday and race around and wrestle and carry on and then they get tired and go lie in the shade and then... off they go again!”