When the topic of Epicuria, the Men’s Rugby team’s annual fall party, came up, all of us who live in Ladd House had major concerns. What might go wrong when hundreds of alcohol-bearing and toga-wearing students came through the doors of our home? Most of us had only experienced the night once, and some never at all. We had no idea what to expect and what was expected of us.

To our relief, the Men’s Rugby team took care of practically everything before the party, but we were still anxious about what would become of our house. I was most protective of the second floor bathrooms. Given that there would only be one bathroom for the hundreds of guests on the first floor, it was assumed that some would inevitably use the bathroom upstairs. All we had to go on were stories of past Epicurias, where all sorts of goodies were found in the bathrooms and showers the morning after.

Before we knew it there were togas, tacos and tons of Bowdoin students coming through our doors some expecting a night that would define their first semester. Upon assessing the aftermath, it was found that we had done a decent job. There were, however, some interesting finds. There were stray togas everywhere, one of them in an Elsa print (nice) and another hanging from the chandelier (impressive). We awoke to a broken thermostat in the basement and a dislodged railing in the first floor bathroom. There were tacos in just about every corner of the house, which provided us with the prolonged scent of tacos mixed with the usual fragrance of beer and BO. There was also pee everywhere: puddles in the elevator, a cup filled in the basement and mysterious stains in the hallways.

Additionally, we heard an interesting tale of a couple consummating their love for togas through performative sex in the coat closet. We found more evidence of friendly activity in the Mahogany Room: a lovely used latex product in the middle of the floor boards accompanied by its blue wrapper (shout out to the rugby player who had to clean that up). Another shout out to the owner of the taco truck who not only aided everyone’s stomachs with tacos but also helped a distressed student who appeared to be napping on a tree just outside the doors of Ladd around 2 a.m. (real hero right there). The real show started when I found myself awake at 6 a.m. and watched some lost students make the trek back to their residences after interesting night-time activities—toga on…or in hand.

Although minor accidents were inevitable, we did everything we could think of to prepare for the night. We knew we had to be proactive about was ensuring the safety of the students attending Epicuria. Ladd house member Tessa Epstein ’19 took the lead in planning a consent-awareness poster series the week before the big night. In the end—despite the wall damage and the various concerning smells—things could have gone much worse. It’s amazing that this is the second large-scale campus event in a row (the other one being Ivies), where there were no transports. As house members and the proclaimed “social leaders” of the campus, we should continue the trend of happy and healthy fun at Bowdoin. Long live Epicuria.

Amber Orosco is a member of the Class of 2019.