Bowdoin’s administration will be seeing further changes this semester as Associate Dean for Upperclass Students Lesley Levy transitions to a part-time position, while Abbey Greene-Goldman ’99 will be assuming some of Levy’s roles on an interim basis, the College announced in an email on Monday. 

With the hire of Greene-Goldman, four of Bowdoin’s deans will be interim appointments. In the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, Assistant Dean for Upperclass Students Michael Pulju and Dean of First-Year Students Melissa Quinby both hold interim positions, after replacing Brandon Royce-Diop and Janet Lohmann, who both left the College in June.

Dean of Academic Affairs Jennifer Scanlon also holds an interim position. 

Greene-Goldman will be assisting upperclass students with last names that begin with M-Z. She said she is excited to be returning to Bowdoin.

“I loved it as a student, it’s always going to be sort of my home away from home,” she said. “It feels really good to be back, and I’m excited to see how it’s changed as well.”
Greene-Goldman earned a degree from Yale Law School before moving back to Maine 10 years ago.

She said that she foresees some challenges related to bias incidents and related issues that have spurred campus discourse in the past year, but that she looks forward to addressing them.

“I think one change from when I was a student that I see is that these things are all being talked about, which is a really great thing,” she said.  “When I was here I feel like we were much more of a bubble than we are now.”

Levy will move into a new position as associate director of an overnight theater camp in Maine, where her duties will include recruiting and marketing for the camp as well as raising money for its scholarship foundation. She said that a major benefit of her new position will be her ability to work from home, allowing her to spend more time with her family.

“I really love working at the College, but it was time for a change, particularly in my personal life, and this opportunity made that possible,” she said.

She will continue part-time at the College, with most of her duties related to advising the Judicial Board. Over the next few weeks, she will be working closely with Greene-Goldman to ensure a smooth transition.

“I will help Dean Greene-Goldman transition into her role here and make sure it’s a seamless transition with the upperclass students I’ve been working with,” said Levy.

The College is in the middle of identifying candidates for Scanlon’s position and plans to conduct a national search and fill the Student Affairs positions on a permanent basis beginning in the summer of 2017. 

Editor's note, September 23, 4:50pm. A previous version of this article stated that four of Bowdoin's eight deans were interim hires. There are seven deans in the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs. The article has been updated to provide clarification.