Voting is open until Sunday, September 25. Cast your vote using the unique link emailed to you from BSG.

2020 President

Matthew Swiatek

I am Matthew Swiatek and I am running for President of the Class of 2020.

As a Kiwi (New Zealander) I see the College differently than many members of the class, and I believe one of the most incredible aspects of the College has been hearing what people’s stories are. We all have a story, but regardless of what that story may be, we are now one community. Whether your story is that of an athlete, a scholar, a writer, a musician or any other noble pursuit, if elected president I will help you find what your next story will be.

This is a community where if one person succeeds, we all succeed. When one person is toiling with failure, we are all there to support them. If elected president, I will make it my job to ensure everyone can succeed in whatever pursuit they choose. If we do this together, then everyone here will know what we are capable of, and only then will we be able to show the world who we are and what we can do.

Chris Brown

Dear Bowdoin Class of 2020,

I am thrilled to inform you that I will be running for Class President. The Class of 2020 is currently the most diverse class to ever walk through the doors of Bowdoin College. Our differences make us stronger because they force us to relate to one another on a new level and grow as informed, educated citizens. We should capitalize on this and show the community just what it means to be a member of the Class of 2020. The potential we have to make a powerful impact on Bowdoin, Brunswick and Maine is real.

If elected president, I will lead, learn and listen to the needs of the class. I will stay positive and create and keep you involved with the most current events within the Bowdoin community. I will see that new outreach groups in local schools for tutoring, supporting small farmers markets and recycling have been established and become focal points in the Class of 2020’s mission to make an impact. Class of 2020, our journey has just begun, and I cannot wait to join you on this endeavor.

Go U Bears.

Yours truly,
Chris Brown “Everything the singer ‘Chris Brown’ is not”

Shani Agarwal

Hey, Class of 2020!

I hope freshman year has been going great! (Aside from our remorse over Harambe, R.I.P.)

This year, I’m running for Class President, so look out for my lame puns around campus! I’m really excited to work with the council and make this year memorable for us.

I’ve held multiple leadership positions in the past, including President of the U.N. Human Rights Council for my school, leading an Eye-Care Drive for underprivileged children and heading various entertainment committees; so you know I’m legit!

As mentioned in my posts, using Facebook polls, you can vote on options for events and we can direct funds towards what the class wants! Some of my ideas include roundtable discussions on race, gender and sexuality; screenings of various sports finals outdoors/in Thorne; Autumn Carnival 2k16; shore-cleaning days; Frosty’s on campus during exams; pumpkin carving; doggy playdate on the quad; a buddy system with the seniors; Holi party 2k17; candidate information booths before U.S. elections; and, of course, to do something about those annoying automatic toilet flushes! If you like what I’m about, you know what to do! Make that vote count!

May the Force be with you,
Shani Agarwal
Class of 2020

Angel Ramirez

Dear Class of 2020,

I am ecstatic to announce that I will be running for Class President this school year. During these last couple weeks, I had the honor of meeting hundreds of different students from all over the world and engaged in various conversations where I learned about many different perspectives and cultures. We might’ve struck up a conversation here and there, and if we haven’t met, I’ll make sure to formally introduce myself while answering any of your questions.

Throughout my time in high school, I was actively engaged in student government, holding the positions of V.P. my junior year and President my senior year. As President, I was able to establish a leadership training program where I mentored “at risk” students, led a school wide career day featuring 100 different speakers spanning 40+ different professions, oversaw all aspects of student life on campus and the list of events I led goes on.

While I understand that the ballot has many qualified candidates, I believe that my work ethic, drive and overall dedication for perfection sets me apart from other candidates. With your support, we can ensure that our time at Bowdoin is exactly what you intended it to be. 

Brendan Pulsifer

Class of 2020,
For those of you whom I have not yet met, I’m Brendan Pulsifer—a proud resident of Hyde, reporter for the Orient, singer in the Meddies and actor in the Improvabilities. With my experience and enthusiasm, I believe that I can effectively lead our class as President.

In high school, I worked with the student government to not only organize class events—like prom, a beach day and senior pranks—but make important reforms. In my senior year, I instituted a comprehensive sex-ed curriculum where there was none and led an initiative to promote minority leadership in peer support groups around campus.

Though I can’t express in 200 words how amazing my first few days have been meeting all of you on my Pre-O, at the House Crawl, in class or in a mad dash to get mozzarella sticks at Super Snacks, I can tell you that I want the fun to continue with many class events that bring us together and show the school why our year is special (barbeques, dodgeball tournaments, snowball fights, you name it). I will always listen to your ideas and I will always deliver the results that you want.

Pulse for President!​

Ramya Chengalvala

Hi everyone! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Ramya and I'm from St. Louis, MO. I'm a prospective neuroscience major and an aspiring neurosurgeon. In high school I was heavily involved in student government, finishing my career off as the Senior Class President. During my tenure as President I oversaw homecoming, prom, a beauty pageant (that brought in $6,000 in profits for local food pantries) and I also have the pleasure of putting together my high school class reunions in the future. I want to be able to use my past experiences to set the stage for an exceptional year at Bowdoin for the Class of 2020.

The Class of 2020 is an eclectic group of talented, nuanced individuals varied in their backgrounds and experiences and that’s what makes us such a powerful force here at Bowdoin. Our diversity is unparalleled and provides a unique opportunity for us to learn and grow from each other’s experiences. Too often it's easy for us to stay in our comfort zones, but I want to ensure that this class has the chance to venture out and allow our diversity to unify us—not divide us. I want this class to come together as one as we undertake the first of our four years at this remarkable institution. Thank you for your support and please check out the Facebook event for more information!

2020 Vice President

Luis Miguel Guerrero

Hello, Bowdoin Class of 2020 – Fellow classmates, my name is Luis Miguel Guerrero and I am from Chicago, Illinois and I am interested in majoring in Government and Legal Studies. Today, I am here to ask for your support as I am running to be your Vice President. I am running because I want to promote the unity of our class and the student body as a whole. I have the experience to lead and organize events and I am motivated to bring your favorite bands, artists or comedians to make any event we have successful. During my time in high school, I was actively involved with the National Honor Society and I helped plan service projects for my peers. I also served as the Secretary, Class Representative and Public Relations Director during my time in the National Honor Society and I was able to successfully perform my duties.

As your Vice President, I will assist with the entertainment selection for campus wide events this school year. I will ensure that there is a variety of performances at our events and I will be open to hearing your suggestions and any of your concerns. I hope I can count on your vote!

Ian Culnane

Bowdoin is hard. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been stressed or excited for the weekend, usually both. To ease the stress of Bowdoin life, the Vice President of each class assists the Entertainment Board by bringing in performers and putting on events, so that once we’re done working hard, we can play hard as well.

Honestly, anyone could organize these events, but having someone who is an active participant in Bowdoin night life, someone who is willing to bring the ideas and interests of our class to the table, is what you really deserve. A natural follow up is, “If I don’t know you, how can I represent you?” I’ve given it some thought, and decided to run because I can represent you. Not because I can relate perfectly with everyone, but because I am willing to pull from the variety of interests and identities that I've made every effort to interact with. Not because I will operate on pure instinct, but because I will use every resource available to me to make our dreams our reality.

Maybe even Tupac will make an appearance; I'll consult the eBoard.

If you're currently feeling the stress of Bowdoin, consider checking this out.

Julio Palencia

Hey Class of 2020! My goal was to meet you all by the end of two weeks, but for those who I have not met yet, my name is Julio Palencia and I am running for the vice presidency. As Vice President, my goal would be to bring our class together through student events, concerts and of course, Ivies. Most people laughed when I told them I was running for Vice President (I saw it coming), but I truly believe I have the qualifications to be your Vice President. In high school, I was the president of several clubs whose main focus was to build school community, the major one being the diversity club. Although I would be working on the Entertainment Board as Vice President, I would make sure that everything I do is to better our class as a whole. We were all placed on one campus together and we must make the most of our four years together. My goal is to make our first year here at Bowdoin the best it can be. If you give me a chance you will understand why Ivies is gonna be the place to be.

Salim Salim

Hello! My name is Salim Salim (it’s not a typo. I have the same last name), and I am running for Vice President. This position includes many significant parts of the class’ experience and I believe that I have what it takes.

In high school, I was the Student Body President of the student council and I have been involved with many great organizations that involve large get-togethers, listening to people and engaging with them. If you’re into music like I am, you know that I take Ivies very seriously. Therefore, I will make sure that you will be bopping your head at Ivies, and enjoying the different social events that I plan to bring you (I gotchu, fam). The Class of 2020 family is a special one for the simple fact that we are the most diverse group that Bowdoin has admitted in years (in YEARS) and it would be an honor for me to serve this unique group of individuals and make our first year together a memorable one.

Damini Singh

Hi, my name is Damini Singh and I am running for Vice President for the Class of 2020. As Vice President, my main responsibility would be to represent the Class of 2020 on the Entertainment Board. I’m going to be honest, I was originally interested in running for this specific position because I wanted to get Chance the Rapper to come to Ivies. So, that probably won’t happen (even though he performed at Colby two years ago), but a girl can dream. I do, however, think I’m qualified to hold this position. I was on my high school’s student council for all of high school so I have a lot of experience. I learned a lot about talking to people and planning events during my time on student council and I know I can bring that to Bowdoin. I’m really pumped for Ivies and I hope you’ll contact me about any questions or comments you have. Also, let me know about any music you’re hype about; I’m a big Chance fan. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you at Epicuria!

2020 Treasurer

Jhadha King

Hello Class of 2020,

My name is Jhadha (pronounced Jada) King and I am from West Palm Beach, Florida. I am running for Class Treasurer. I have no previous experience, but I am more than willing to learn. My work with a small business and being a financial assistant to the owner, as well as working in retail, qualifies me as an person who can be trusted with the responsibility of creating and maintaining a budget.

I am a fast-learner, very conscientious and a friendly person to work with which makes me a great candidate.

All in all, give me a chance, and I won't screw it up. 'Cuz "if I don't make dollars, it don't make sense." 

Thanks and go U Bears!

Jouya Mahmoudi

WHAT’S UP PEOPLE? I’m Jouya Mahmoudi and I’m running for our Class Treasurer! I’m going to be as direct as I can and avoid the political nonsense that comes with campaigning. In other words, I’m going to keep 100%. So why vote for me? Well, I could say that I would give you a small loan of million dollars for your vote, but that would automatically get me disqualified and I don’t have that much money to begin with (ironic right?). In reality you should vote for me because I will make our funding system work for your favorite clubs and organizations. As Class Treasurer, I’m going to make sure that the distribution of funds between each organization is fair and that any new organizations have adequate funding to get started. I will also make myself available to all the organizations and individuals at Bowdoin so that they can direct their concerns/requests to the Student Activities Funding Committee (SAFC) through me! Basically, I’m going to do everything in my power to make your life at Bowdoin lit.

Ben Hopkins

As Treasurer of the 2020 Class Council, I would endeavour to promote the interests of the class and ensure that we have the financial capability to host a variety of events throughout the year that will appeal to all 503 members of this brilliant class. The $15,000 assigned to our Council, if spent responsibly and effectively, will be influential in defining our first year at Bowdoin College.

The Treasurer also serves on the Student Activities Funding Committee and in this role I would relish the chance to learn about all the student organizations that operate on campus and how the SAFC budget can facilitate the development and dynamism of such groups. Bowdoin has an extensive, diverse and enthusiastic network of clubs that are significant in shaping our college experience, therefore contributing to their successful running would be an honour.​

Eddie Korando

I am honored to be on the ballot for Treasurer of the Class of 2020. I served on my county board of supervisors for two years through a program called Youth in Governance. Budget season always excited me; I enjoyed discussing fiscal goals and manipulating the current budget to achieve them. The most rewarding part of creating a budget is seeing its impact on the community! I was taught that those who have the ability to better their community have the responsibility to do so. Together, we will continue Bowdoin’s dedication to the Common Good, intellectual engagement and the environment!

John Penek

Hello Class of 2020. My name is John Penek. I play lacrosse, ski and enjoy math. I am running for Class Treasurer. With just three short weeks under my belt, I cannot promise much in terms of wisdom or authority here at Bowdoin. However, I can do so much as to guarantee my acute attention to detail, appreciation for economics and mathematics and overall eagerness to serve others. I feel as though the above character traits poise me to be a responsible treasurer and that is what I promise to be. One thing that I emphasized during my high school career in student council was equal representation among scholars, athletes and artists alike. With that said, no matter what organizations or teams you belong to here at Bowdoin, I will make equal funding my first priority. Thank you for considering Penek For Treasurer and I hope you vote me this weekend! P.S. I’m a Math/Econ tutor and would be glad to offer my help (West 218).  P.P.S. I already told my mom I won so please, please vote.

2020 Class Representative to BSG Assembly

Lauren Elliott

My name is Lauren Elliott and I think being a representative for the Class of 2020 would be amazing. I would love to voice the opinions, concerns and ideas of our class and make it a great year for everyone! I’ve been on student council at my high school and participated in leadership programs which have taught me skills useful for being a liaison between our class and BSG. We’re only a few weeks into our first year and everyone is still getting accustomed to the campus, people and routine of Bowdoin life. I’m sure most of you reading this don’t recognize some (or most) of the names of those running for Class Council; you’re wondering why you should vote for this person or that person. Even though we don’t know all our classmates personally, or at all, I think the class representatives can positively impact our year. Successful class representatives will work hard to make sure everyone has a great year and gets to know one another better. If elected I would put all of this and more into action. I’m excited to have the chance to meet more of our class and ensure our voices are heard!

Beatrice Cabrera

My name is Beatrice Cabrera and I am running for a spot to represent Bowdoin’s Class of 2020. As someone who is boisterous, passionate, honest and several other positive adjectives, I feel that I could be a good representative of this class. With my previous years of leadership positions, I know what it takes to be a truly good leader and that means to be a collaborator first. To be a listener to the student body rather than mostly speaking. To do what needs to be done, while accepting help from all who are willing to give it. And to guide the masses through the challenges we may face. Let Beezus Take the Wheel!

Ben Bousquet

Hello Class of 2020! My name is Ben Bousquet, and I am running to be your Class Representative. I’m super excited to have the opportunity to represent our class within the larger Bowdoin community. As a Class Representative, I will not only be a big part of our own class council to help plan amazing events, but I will also be a member of Bowdoin Student Government. My job here is to represent our class and make sure that we have a solid voice within the General Assembly. To do so, I want to be in contact with everyone from our class and hear what you have to say. Bowdoin is going to be our home for the next four years, and I want to make sure it is as comfortable and fun a place as possible! If anyone has any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them at Thank you so much, and vote me, Ben Bousquet, for the Class of 2020 Representative!

Ruilin Yang

This year will be lit! I am Ruilin Yang. I grew up in Nanjing, China, and went to high school in Hockessin, Delaware. I am interested in pre-med and various aspects in the humanities. I hope to have the honor to be one of the class representatives of the Class of 2020 for three reasons. First, I hope to be the voice of our class on the Bowdoin Student Government Assembly during the weekly meetings. I am very open to all kinds of opinions and I value all perspectives. Second, I am very involved in student activities and if I was elected, I will be helping the class, along with other class council members, to organize fun and meaningful events such as class cookouts or trips for us. I was the founder and President of my high school’s international student association and have been a board member of the honor council. I have always enjoyed being an active voice for the student body in any form. Lastly, I am a good and approachable listener and I am willing to listen to whatever you have to say whenever. Please vote for me. Thank you very much! ​

Nathanael DeMoranville

My name is Nate DeMoranville and I really like Batman as both a superhero and a leader. A lot of times I wish I could be a modern day superhero, but right now I’m just a native Rhode Islander running for Class Rep.
I want to be a voice for the Class of 2020, especially for my fellow persons of color. I grew up in Rhode Island with a single mom and I think she raised me pretty well. I’ve got great character and a lot of patience. Like a lot of you, I had a fair amount of leadership responsibility in high school (the newspaper, diversity club, etc.) and so my campaign focuses on personal relationships.

For me, our class is incredibly large. I went to a small high school and we had a really close community. I think that this closeness is valuable, but harder to achieve with such a large group of people. Despite this, I want to challenge myself, and the rest of our class, to really know those around us whom we call our classmates. As Class Rep, I’d push for us to become closer and more connected as Bowdoin students.

I’m a nice guy just trying to bring us together.

Leah Matari

Hello Class of 2020! My name is Leah Matari and I am from New Jersey (sorry) and falling into New England ways quickly! I am running to be the Class of 2020’s Class Representative to Bowdoin Student Government. I believe that I should be Class Rep because I will be a strong advocate for our class in General Assembly meetings, as well as help plan social and academic events for our class to do as a whole. What is the role of the class representative, you might be wondering? I will sit on BSG Assembly and on our Class Council. Essentially, I can be the voice of our class at large student government meetings and, if elected, I promise that my voice will only be a direct representation of our class’ voice. I have past experience as Student Body President and other student government positions. A little bit about me: I live in West Hall, I’m taking Arabic this semester (I can now recite the entire alphabet if anyone wants to hear), I’ll be running and throwing for the Track and Field team on campus and I’m excited to hopefully be your Class Representative. Thank you for your consideration!

With much love,
Leah Matari

Jeong-yoon (Andrew) Kim

How’s it going, Bowdoin Class of 2020?  My name is Jeong-yoon (Andrew) Kim and I’m running to be your glorious representative. I’m sure you’ve seen the posters with the masterpiece portrait of myself drawn by James Wang and the ones with me doing an o.k. pose, but I wanted to show the man behind the face. As BSG Representative, I would be our envoy to BSG General Assembly. I currently have some ideas that I believe would help out both the Class of 2020 and the entire school, but my ideas aren’t the priority here. Unlike the high school career politicians who disregard the views of the student body once elected, I will assume the role of representative for its intended purpose; I will reflect the view of the electorate, not my own. I’ll take time to address each and every individual’s concerns and will make myself as approachable as possible. Your voice is important to me. Remember to vote Jeong-yoon Kim!​

2017 President

Andrew Cawley

I know what you're thinking. No, seriously I do. Does Andrew Cawley know how to write? Well here's some effin' proof. "BOW! BOW! BOW!"—airhorn. Anyway, here's my pitch: "Look/ If you had / One shot / Or one opportunity / To seize everything you ever wanted / In one moment / Would you capture it / Or just let it slip? / Yo / His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy / There's vomit on his sweater already, moms spaghetti / He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready / To drop bombs, but he keeps on forgettin / What he wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud / He opens his mouth, but the words wont come out / Hes chokin, how, everybody's jokin now / The clock runs out, time’s up, over, blaow!" (“Lose Yourself,” Eminem). If you want to lose yourself, vote Andrew Cawley for president. I'll also give a positive superlative to anyone who wants one because we are seniors and we should applaud each other on our time here. And if you don't want a superlative, that's fine too!

Justin J. Pearson

Hey, 2017!

As each of us prepares to transition from student to alum, we want to make our remaining time as memorable as possible. I want to provide opportunities that allow 

us to both have fun and venture outside our comfort zones. Instead of going to Joshua’s for every senior night, I want us to try out Senior Bowling, Laser Tag, and Game Nights. Food crawls in Brunswick and Portland, plus catered events on campus, will help us meet new people and talk about more than our busyness. I’ll ensure that Senior Week is filled with fun activities. These could include paintballing, zip-lining, a BBQ-on-the-beach day, and more. Most importantly, I will always take input from all of you regarding which activities we do. I also want us to prepare for life after Bowdoin even as we celebrate our final year. Therefore, I intend to create a “Dis-Orientation” program where we can learn to budget a salary, make friends in the workplace, and find housing. I believe that my experiences as president of class council, VP for student affairs, and VP for our class give me the know-how to make our last year meaningful, exciting, and fun.

Are you in?

Rebecca Fisher

Dear senior U Bears,

I'm Rebecca Fisher, and I am running to be your senior class president! Senior class president has the unique opportunity to plan the events that will mark our last year as students. These events include senior week, senior nights, and junior-senior ball.

I believe I have the organizational skills, thoughtfulness, creativity and passion necessary to oversee the planning of these events. My work as a programming director for a College House, RA for Residential Life and member of the A-Team have given me the knowledge of the different resources on campus needed to make events happen. In high school, I was the chair of the group that planned homecoming week, which gave me the attention to detail necessary for planning a weeklong event.

I am running for president because I would love to continue to work with all of you to unify our class. I would fully devote my time to the tasks at hand and would be honored to oversee the senior class council to make this year the best it can possibly be for everyone. If you're ready to get stuff done and still have fun, vote for Rebbie!

Esther Nunoo

Hello Everyone!

I know it’s not going to be khumbaya and we won’t all be bffs by the end of this year, but I sincerely look forward to bringing more unity to this class, whatever that may look like. Our year has arguably some of the dopest individuals on this campus. As a whole we have contributed to the Bowdoin community on so many different levels. Although I’m excited for the chance plan junior-senior ball and want to have a seniors only game of manhunt one night, I also look forward to getting a feel for what we want as a class. I am so excited for what’s in store for this year!

Much love,


2017 Vice President

Ellie Quenzer

My name is Ellie Quenzer, and thanks to your tremendous support I have been the vice president of the Class of 2017 since our first year here at Bowdoin. As I run for reelection in this, our senior year, I would be honored to have your support once more. You have seen my commitment and my willingness to work hard to contribute to our class. As your vice president, I have been actively involved in brainstorming, planning and executing all of the successful events and activities that the class council has organized for our class during our time together. Think about our numerous pub nights, fundraisers, socials, semi-formals and concerts—and don’t forget the class sweatshirts and quarter-zips, Ivies gear and dozens of Frosty’s donuts! As vice president I have also served alongside many different class officers who have cycled in and out as leaders of our class council over the past three years; as the only person who has served continuously during that time, I hope to be a voice of experience, wisdom and consistency this year, and I intend to make our senior class council the best it can possibly be. Please vote “EQ for VP.” Thank you.

Danny Mejia

Class of 2017,

My name is Danny Mejia and I am running to be your vice president. In my time at Bowdoin, I have worn many hats on campus: I am a leader at the Outing Club, facilitator for Men’s Group discussions, and a senior interviewer for Admissions, among others. Through these positions, I have learned how to lead through trying times, but perhaps most importantly, I have learned the value of being a good listener when working with others. The leadership traits I have gained in these roles will make me an invaluable part of the class council team. I am excited to share my enthusiasm for Bowdoin as I collaborate with the class council as well as all of you to create a senior year we will all enjoy.

Sincerely yours,

Danny Mejia

2017 Treasurer

Hossam Hamdan

It would  be an honor to serve as the Class of 2017’s treasurer in our final year together. Having served on my high school’s treasury committee, I know what kind of work goes into funding student groups and how important it is. I am willing to listen to any group proposal and willing to work to help you meet your goals. Thank you, I look forward to serving you this year.

Samantha Hoegle 

Hi Class of 2017! My name is Sam Hoegle, and I want to be your class treasurer! I have been fortunate enough to serve on class council every year I’ve been at Bowdoin and have loved the experience. Last year, I was your class treasurer and helped us save lots of money for senior year while still doing fun events and getting awesome class gear. The job of class treasurer involves balancing not only class finances but also student activities funding and class events. My history as class treasurer and involvement in other campus organizations will continue to help me make well thought out decisions. This is our last year at Bowdoin so we want to make it great! Senior year does not have to consist of only senior nights and senior week. There are so many opportunities for class fun in between whether it is a relaxed open mic night in the pub or a community service engagement to give back to the town that has welcomed us for so long. I have the experience and the passion to make our final year at Bowdoin truly memorable. I hope I can count on your vote!

2017 Class Representative to BSG Assembly

Annie Glenn

Happy senior year all!!! I am Annie Glenn and I would be proud to serve as your class representative to the BSG for our final year at Bowdoin. Throughout the last three years at Bowdoin, I have been involved in a myriad of organizations on campus from being the programming director at Baxter House to leading trips for the BOC and this year serving as the captain of the women’s lacrosse team. In this final year, I am ready to be the liaison between the class council and BSG and to plan fun and inclusive events throughout the year for all of us! I am running for class rep because my experience at Bowdoin would be nothing without the Class of 2017 and I want to give back to all of you to make our last year together the best on yet!! LET’S GO BEARS! ​

Spencer Shagoury

For those of you don't know me, I am Spencer Shagoury and I am pleased to be running for class representative. I have loved my time at Bowdoin and would consider representing the members of our class an honor. The Class of 2017 has shaped my life in an incredible and meaningful way and I would be honored to pay it back just a little by pursuing your interests through student government. Let me know if you want to talk or have ideas.