Dear Katherine,
I'm having trouble trying to figure out where/with/who I want to live with next year... so please give me some advice/your thoughts!
Dislocated in Druck
Dear Dislocated,

Picking the right housing and roommates depends, I think, on a certain level of self-awareness. Are you messy or neat? Do you need access to a kitchen? Can you live alone? Can you live with other people? Do you like to be surrounded by people or a little more removed? Do you want to throw parties?

You could probably make an amazing BuzzFeed type quiz out of these questions to give you a personalized response. Unfortunately, I am trying to write my honors project, and I don’t have time for that. So instead, here are my concrete, unbending, blanket opinions on housing, which are almost certainly not universally applicable:

1.   Do not live in a Chambo single.
Once I lived in a Chambo single for a week because of Ebola. (It’s a long story.) I cried every night and usually in the morning if I had time. Thankfully, my friend Ally left her semester abroad in Ghana because of cholera (it’s a long story) and came to live with me in my new Chambo double. Then it was better.

2. If you are a sophomore and you think there is any chance you want to live in a social house, APPLY TO LIVE IN A SOCIAL HOUSE.

Yes, the house will always smell like stale beer. Yes, you will sit through house meetings. And yes, living in Mac was one of the best decisions I made at Bowdoin. I realize that the time for applying for houses this year has past. But like Nietzsche, I am untimely.

3.  Who you live with is more important than where you live.
(“True,” say my roommates, who are also some of my best friends.) To quote the fireplace of Ladd House: “The ornament of the house is the friend who frequents it.” But also, even if you don’t live with your friends, try to live with people you think you might be compatible with, people you are excited to get to know. So like, not your enemies.

4. Don’t screw over your friends. Like, don’t get yourself into living situations that will make you unhappy. But also don’t be a jerk or do anything sneaky and underhanded. If you do, your friends will forever remember you as sneaky and underhanded.

Good luck making your housing choices!