I was hoping with a change in administration that some of Bowdoin's PC rhetoric would be tempered with at least a modicum of reality. No such luck. 

As an alum with immediate family members of Mexican descent, I was annoyed by the news regarding a “tequila" party held on campus. I was not upset by the alleged events, but by the politically-correct environment that has spun out of control at Bowdoin.

Coddling each student’s particular sensitivities leaves him/her woefully unprepared for the outside world (and the reality of others' first amendment rights). It also (erroneously) gives the impression that one can expect to modify others' behavior by whining about it, and then retreating to a "safe space" free of "micro-aggressions."

Bowdoin students need to be taught tough life lessons. In the real world, people may do or say things that one dislikes. Simply being put off, though, doesn't necessarily provide a legal basis for one to demand certain behavior from others. No PC bubble exists in the real world—in the US, or even Mexico.

Gregg Abella '92

P.S. If sombreros and tequila offend you, don’t attend a soccer match at Estadio Azteca. Your head will explode.