See below for Orient coverage of the three major incidents of cultural appropriation in the past two academic years:

'Tequila' party

News: Students debate articles of impeachment at BSG meeting

News:  Stereotyping at 'tequila' party causes backlash

Opinion: A satirical exploration of the tequila party​

Opinion: Somos tequileros: a personal reaction to the "tequila" party​

Opinion: We must recognize lingering effects of upbringing

Opinion: Responding to my critics and expanding the conversation

Opinion: Punitive measures not the best way forward

Opinion: Criticisms of political correctness are no excuse

Opinion: The ownership of cultures is not a simple matter of race and ethnicity

Opinion: A letter from Professor Gustavo Faverón-Patriau

Editorial: Out of focus

Editorial: Listen and learn​

'Gangster' party

News: ‘Gangster’ party spurs debate over racism on campus

Opinion: Cultural appropriation: why they're not 'just clothes'​

Opinion: How didn’t we realize this was wrong?​

Editorial: Broken dialogue​

Opinion: Campus must agree on what progress means following ‘gangster’ party​

Opinion: Administration must take real action and stop making students do its job​

Editorial: System administration​


News: Students who dressed as Native Americans to face disciplinary action

Editorial: A more vocal majority​

Opinion: Schools lack culturally relevant curricula​

Opinion: Why hasn’t the College taken stronger stances, actions on racial issues?​

Opinion: Activists must listen and empathize to have more effective conversations​