I’d like to pass on some praise for a wonderful group of young women at Bowdoin.

A few weeks ago, my wife gave birth to our second child. She has gone through some severe postpartum depression. Knowing she liked a cappella, I reached out to Bowdoin College Miscellania and asked if they would be willing to stop in and sing some Christmas Carols to brighten her spirits and provide some entertainment for our two-year old daughter. The group obliged with no expectation of financial gain, publicity or other benefit. I had no prior connection to the group or Bowdoin College (in fact, they came despite both of us being Colby grads).

The small gesture renewed a bit of my faith in the kindness of people amidst a time in the world where turmoil and negativity seems to overwhelm our thoughts.

I just thought you would like to know.

Best wishes,
Andrew Jenkins, Colby College '06