Dear Editor:

Living nearby allows me to audit Bowdoin classes. I’m grateful to the professors and students who welcome me to their classes. Outstanding professors and bright, engaged and prepared students create a wonderful experience. I have a gripe, though.

In a class of 18 students, six regularly disrupt class to go to the bathroom. In 30 years of courtroom experience, never once did a judge, juror or lawyer leave the courtroom to go to the bathroom during a case. Adults don’t leave business meetings to go to the bathroom. At Pomona College and Stanford Law School, students never left class to relieve their bladder. Professors never abandon a class to go to the bathroom. As a college professor friend of mine in California told his students: it’s part of being an adult to learn to “hold it,” and leaving a class is disruptive and rude for the professor and other students. Shouldn’t college students know better?

Michael Wischkaemper