Voting is open until Sunday, September 27 at 9 p.m. Cast your vote using the unique link emailed to you from BSG.

2016 President

Deion Desir

My name is presumably above this statement, and if you are concerned about my credentials, please reach out to me. I try my hardest to be open for communication, a skill that comes in handy for a year as important as this one. I love to have fun, and I’ve learned that having a lot of fun requires a lot of work. I’m fearful that people haven’t seen my work ethic when it comes to responsibilities like this position. I leave you with a simple question that should impact the way you use your liberty of voting. How memorable could this year be? One’s opinion carries a lot of weight, even if the scale may seem too large. I’d rather you vote for any of these other fantastic candidates than to abstain an action that would take less that 2 minutes. As the great P. Diddy once said, “VOTE OR DIE”.

Anhar Farag

The senior class president’s duties are as follows: “set direction for the class council, help plan events that promote class unity.” Plan the kind of events that every senior will remember for a lifetime, the kind of events that this campus buzzes about for weeks on end. This year is about us, and I can promise you that I will try my hardest to make this year memorable for us all!

I don’t think I can do this; I know that I can do this. I’ve been doing it for years. I’ve organized everything from casual group dinners to parties, and have loved every second of it. My only regret is that I haven’t always had the opportunity to share those moments with every senior. As president, I will have access to organizing class events so that we all never forget this year and no one ever forgets the Class of 2016.

Let’s cause a scene, 2016!

Robo Tavel

Hi, I’m Robo—I think we’ve met before. It’s our senior fall. We’re past ideas of being cool or not cool, friends or not friends. At this point, we’re family. We’ve got one more year together in this amazing place, and there’s not a week to waste. With three years of class council experience, I am ready to get things up and running on day one. That means Senior Nights starting the first Thursday after the election. That means an early-year pub crawl in Portland. That means awesome events like brewery tours, Frosty’s Fridays and a Senior Restaurant Week involving discounts at local eateries. And that obviously means a ridiculously fun, well-planned Senior Week to remind Bowdoin that no one does it quite like the Class of 2016. Since freshman year, I’ve worked with the class council to save funds for a senior year splurge. With more than $30,000 accumulated, it’s time to cash in. So, Class of 2016, let’s do it big.

2016 Vice President

David Sperber

Hi everyone, it’s pretty crazy to think this is our last year on campus, and I’m running for vice president because I want to make sure it is incredible and memorable for everyone. I’ve had the privilege of serving as class president or VP for the past three years. For our senior year, I’m looking to outdo freshman, sophomore and junior year – combined! You can expect a lot more class-wide events tied to food, drinks and Maine as a whole throughout the school year, and, of course, during senior week. I also welcome your input and suggestions as to what you’d like to see from the class council. It’ll all be over by the end of May, so let’s do it right and make the year the best it can be. I hope I can count on your vote, and I’m looking forward to an awesome final year! Thanks, David

Peter Yanson

Hi. Have we met before? No? Ok, hey, my name is Peter Yanson and I’m running for vice president of the Class of 2016. Vice President is all about keeping the plebian masses entertained/subdued and I plan on bringing a fresh perspective and subjectively better taste to eBoard, guaranteeing better acts and more fun for YOU! I have big plans for the senior class: push the Pub to serve alcohol on nights other than nights where there are better things to do, improve Senior Nights at local bars and work on getting more local Maine beers in the Pub. Also, courtside seats for the Portland Red Claws are like $25 and I don’t really follow basketball but that’s a deal and imagine how fun it’d be with a squad of seniors.  Further, I feel prepared to take over the presidency role after an inevitable scandal leads to the impeachment of whoever wins. Vote for Peter Yanson: Make Bowdoin great again!

2016 Class Representative to the BSG

Arianna Cameron

Hi! My name is Arianna Cameron and I’m running for representative of the Class of 2016. I want our last year on campus to be the most memorable and entertaining one yet. In order for this to happen, our student class council has to be organized, collaborate efficiently and always be open to suggestions. As one of our class representatives, I will voice everyone’s opinions at class council and BSG meetings as we plan senior events throughout the year. I believe that my past experience in event planning for the Career Planning Center and my current position as Coordinator for the Bowdoin Art Society have taught me the necessary skills to be a class representative and work with members of Class Council and the Bowdoin Administration. Please vote for me as I’m committed and organized and will do my absolute best to plan the best senior year possible!

Brian P. Francoeur

I hope to breathe my life into the BSG and the class council, while at the same time focusing a critical and open mind on events consistently repeated year to year. Just because it has been done does not mean we need to repeat it. I understand part of BSG’s role is to make sure that the year runs smoothly, not to be flashy or make a name for ourselves. I believe you can do both. Simple but big events. Fun and hip events. Senior events. Cool senior events. I will do my best. Along with the talented Arianna Cameron, anything is possible.

2016 Treasurer:

Lindsay Picard

Hello, my name is Lindsay Picard, and I am running to be the treasurer for the Class of 2016! I feel I have the experience necessary to be an active member of the class council and also to contribute on the Student Activities Funding Committee (SAFC). Both of these responsibilities need someone who will work to balance the needs of the senior class, in addition to every club on campus, and guarantee that the funding process runs smoothly. I have previously served on the Inter-House Council, which has allowed me to participate in funding decisions for the College Houses and will help me to make well thought out financing decisions in the future. Moreover, my goal for this academic year is to make this year as enjoyable and effortless as possible for our senior class. I hope that I can contribute in making this goal a reality when planning Senior Nights and the events of Senior Week with the rest of our class council.

2017 Class Representative to the BSG

Name: Nick Benson

Age: 21

Eyes: Dark green/Brown

Height: 6’ 1.5”

Weight: 195 lbs

Phone: 207 449 9890


Last four digits of SSN: ****

Turn ons: the 1st amendment, long walks in the woods on the half moon, vintage glassware collections, 120mm film, air conditioners (only when turned off but plugged into the socket), colors that have yet to be discovered, student government, dead AA batteries, clown paintings (read: paintings made by clowns), fake online dating profiles.

Turn offs: 21st century glassware, rocking chairs with only one leg still attached, textbooks of less than 120 pages, textbooks of more than 119 pages, hop scotch, scotch, long walks in the woods on the new moon/full moon, lint rollers, socks exceeding 8 inches in length, Bowdoin Digest Engine.

2019 President

Jack Jia

Greetings Class of 2019! My name is Jack Jia and I am running for president for Class of 2019.

Despite what background we come from, we all face one challenge—the transition to college. Everyone will experience obstacles while entering this new environment. If elected as class president, I will dedicate to promoting a smooth and successful transition to college for everyone by the idea of finding BALANCE. My principle is focusing on three major aspects: Academics, Social and Interests. I believe a smooth transition should include equal amount of attention to all three aspects.

I have two campaign promises:

First, planning a social event known as the first year & sophomore ball. This semi-formal event will help us know each other better and promote class unity. In addition, this also connects us with the sophomore class, which we will spend the majority time during our years at Bowdoin.

Second, I plan on asking President Rose for him to deliver an exclusive speech to our class regarding transition to this new environment along with his personal stories and advice.

I hope I can earn your vote and support. Do it with Balance!

Anna MacLean

Hello! My name is Anna MacLean and I am running for president of the Class of 2019.

I love event planning. As student government president in high school, I gained extensive event planning and leadership experience, skills that would serve me well as your president, though I look forward to planning more interesting (and larger budgeted) events! I hope to plan events that promote class unity without being ice-breakers that try to force people to bond. With your enthusiastic support, I know we could accomplish this and much more. Student government has always been lots of fun, and seeing everyone’s enthusiasm during successfully planned events is the best reward.

I’ll be campaigning door-to-door this week and can’t wait to meet more of you and to hear your ideas. I will always listen to you and am ready to advocate for you on our class council. I’d be honored to have your vote.

Danny Miro

From the moment I stepped on campus as a prospective student last year, I knew that Bowdoin was home. Now, after being here for several weeks, the passion, dedication and love I have for our school, as well as our class, is unlike no other, which is why I am running for class president.

As president I will strive to be a voice for your ideas, a mediator between students to faculty and an active listener that will adapt to any situation, with the end goal of bringing our class together in an enjoyable and memorable way.

Besides the suggestions that I will bring to life throughout the year, the following are some of my objectives: “Afternoons on the Quad” a monthly event with unique themes and activities; elect a representative from each first year brick that will help ease communication between the council and student body; work with the Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity and multicultural life programming to plan events that will foster unity through our diverse backgrounds and personalities; and boost student support for all activities from athletics to the performing arts.

Vote Danny Miro to truly make Bowdoin, the “best four years of your life”.

Paloma Tisaire

Hi 2019! To some of you I’m the girl from Spain, to others I’m the girl whose name you can’t pronounce (I’m not a small liberal arts college in California!), but for today let’s just keep it at Paloma. I am honored to be a part of this class, and to be running for class president. In the few weeks that I’ve been here, I have been astounded by our class’ level of intellectual curiosity, athletic rigor and friendliness in general. I want to be a forward thinking, approachable resource for all of us, whether you have a speaker in mind for an event or want bubble soccer on the quad. As president I want to be your direction, the voice of maturity that will communicate with the administration on your behalf, but most of all, someone you can have fun with. I would be so humbled to be the class president of a class like ours!​

2019 Vice President

Samuel Kenney:

My name is Sam Kenney and I am running for vice president of the Class of 2019. I want to be vice president because I have never been involved in student government in the past. I want this new challenge. I want to push my comfort zone and meet new people, while at the same time having a positive impact on the Bowdoin community. I want to be your representative on the eBoard not because of Ivies. I will not declare a vague, meaningless platform for my campaign. I will be honest. I will listen to the opinions of my peers and represent those opinions on the eBoard to the best of my abilities. I am not a politician. I am an active student, and I respectfully ask that you consider me for vice president. ​

Megan Retana

Hey, everyone! We might be good friends, have just briefly met or don't know each other at all (we should change that. Really, I need friends…). Anyway, my name is Megan Retana, and I am running to be your vice president!

The role of the vice president reads as follows, "The Vice President sits as a member of the Entertainment Board (eBoard). The eBoard will select bands, comedians, and hypnotists for campus wide events. Members also help with the planning of Ivies." (BSG informational email). However, I would like to make one addition. The vice president should not only be responsible for planning community events and activities, but also make sure that these events reflect the wants and interests of our diverse class. As an experienced event planner and your vice president, I'll make sure to make all of your valuable voices heard.

P.S. In case you’re having a tough week, watch this gem.

Jenna Scott

Hey, fellow Polar Bears! My name is Jenna Scott and I’m running for vice president of the Class of 2019! I’m really organized to the point that it annoys my roomies, was class VP and class secretary in high school, and I have a really adorable dog named Kylie. But the cuteness of my dog is not the only reason you should vote for me. Vote for me if you’re a dog person, a cat person, a purple porcupine person or you like alliteration. If you prefer Thorne over Moulton, or vice versa. Vote for me because I will try to listen to every one of you. As VP, I will sit on the Entertainment Board, and if you think there is a cool indie band that would be great for Ivies (and they’re affordable), I would work my hardest to make that happen! Let’s work together to make our Bowdoin experiences the best they can possibly be! Vote Jenna Scott for VP!

2019 Treasurer

David Berlin

Hey Everyone! I hope by now you’ve seen my campaign posters hanging up around campus—yes, the one where I’m marrying a 100 dollar bill. Jokes aside, I truly am dedicated to being elected the Class of 2019 treasurer. For me, the best part about the treasurer’s position is how active a role I will be able to have in helping student organizations. As treasurer, I will be a member of the Student Activities Funding Committee, which hears proposals from student clubs, and determines the allocation of $680,000 to those clubs throughout the year. I’m personally excited about all of the clubs that I joined during the student activities fair last week, and want to ensure that all the clubs on campus (and the ones you may be hoping to start, as well) are able to continue offering all the opportunities that they do for Bowdoin students! I can’t wait to meet all of you, and hope that this weekend, you’ll vote David Berlin for treasurer of the Class of 2019!

Michael Walsh

Hello fellow classmates! My name is Michael Walsh and I am running for the Class of 2019 treasurer position. Before coming to Bowdoin, I served as class treasurer for four years in my high school back in New Jersey. I worked diligently with a team of students, learned the value of creative collaboration and dealt with financial responsibilities for my class. This job quickly became a passion, which is why I wish to continue representing my classmates as treasurer here in Brunswick! If elected, I promise to advocate for any suggestions you have. Part of what attracts me to this important position is that it will allow me to get to know each and every one of you. I will always be approachable and available. I want to hear your opinions and concerns, so I ask each of you to vote for who you know will get the job done! Thank you.

2019 Class Representative to the BSG

Jack Arnholz

My fellow First Years! My name is Jack Arnholz and it would humble me to be your class representative. You may say to yourself, “Who is this Jack Arnholz? He rubs off the wrong way and he smells like lettuce.” Well, my friend that isn’t lettuce you smell, it’s a desire to do good (or possibly cabbage). Let’s make Bowdoin a place where all students get equal representation and attention in the pursuits they chase. Some systems need changing. Course registration needs reform. The current system allows for those who understand the “strategy” of picking classes to benefit. Let’s replace the current structure with ranked choices. Then, at worst, a student can end up in their fourth choice class, not their fourteenth. If you vote for me, I’ll reward you with progress, a firm handshake and a smile that says everything’s going to be alright.

Mathieu Bialosky

To the Class of 2019,

My name is Matt Bialosky and I am running for the position of class representative. For those of you who do not know me, I am a resident of Coleman 204 and a member of the men’s rugby team. I participated in student government at my high school for three years, spending time as class and school-wide president. The role of class representative is focused on serving as the mouthpiece for the class and voicing the many opinions of our diverse community to the administration. With my past experience in student government, I feel confident I can adequately reflect the beliefs of our class in BSG assembly meetings to other grades and the administration, starting with biweekly check-ins throughout the first year dorms. These check-ins would allow me to better meet the grade and learn of thoughts that are wanted to be addressed. Please consider me as representative. I will be a friendly and confident voice for our class!

Khelsea Gordon

Hi Everyone,

My name is Khelsea Gordon and I am running to be the 2019 class representative to the BSG. As your student representative my plan of action is made up of three elements: outreach, as seen in the fact that I will ensure my accessibility to anyone who wishes to be heard. Open-mindedness, because an idea or suggestion from any individual is an idea that should be considered with the utmost receptiveness. Lastly, knowing whom I serve, in that I am willing to put aside personal biases for the good of the class.

I know that my qualifications will serve to help me in implementing this plan. As a native of Jacksonville, Florida in my junior and senior years of high school I managed to raise over $80,000 for homeless students in my county amongst other volunteer efforts which ultimately resulted in me being recognized by the Clinton Foundation for volunteerism.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with all of you and making Bowdoin great these next four years and beyond.

Mohammed Nur

My name is Mohamed “Mo” Nur and I would be honored to be your class representative to the BSG.

I would love the opportunity to serve our class and make an impact on campus. It has only been a couple of weeks, but I can already see the energy and love that we have for each other. I know that I have already made bonds here that will last a lifetime, and I hope that in my position, I can help you all form those connections with professors, staff and each other. I hope that as class representative, I can reach out and get to meet all of the incredible people in our class and advocate and fight for you.

While Bowdoin is an amazing school, we still face problems. Whether those issues are academic, social or something in between, I want to make sure that everyone in the Class of 2019 knows that I will try my best to address them.

I want to advocate for you all and bring your specific concerns to people on campus that can help make a difference. In essence, I will make sure that your voices will be heard. Vote for Mo!​