Julia Geaumont ’16 scored three runs, hit a home run and knocked in three RBIs in this weekend’s tripleheader sweep of Trinity. Geaumont also pitched two of the three games, allowing only one run and eight hits and improving her record on the mound to 10-3 this season.

Geaumont has seen time in the pitching rotation since her first year at Bowdoin. She factored prominently in last year’s four-pitcher rotation with Melissa DellaTorre ’14, Emily Griffin ’17, and Alana Luzzio ’17, starting nine games, pitching in 15, and finishing the season 7-1. 

Since DellaTorre’s graduation, Geaumont has taken over as leader of the rotation, and has started 13 games already this season. She has pitched more games than all but one pitcher in the NESCAC and also ranks second in the NESCAC in wins. She has performed well despite operating on little rest because of a condensed schedule; the team played five games over the last weekend, had a double-header on Wednesday, and will play six games over three days this weekend.

“You try to match your pitchers with strengths and weaknesses of teams, but sometimes you have to say, ‘It’s your turn to start,’” said Head Coach Ryan Sullivan. “[Geaumont] and [Griffin] have shouldered a bit more of the workload of late, and they’ve handled it really well.”

This year, according to Coach Sullivan and her teammates, Geaumont has shown a dramatic increase in confidence, which they said has made the biggest difference in her performance.

“She’s always been a solid pitcher,” said Adriane Krul ’15. “But this year, something has really clicked for her. She’s really matured as a pitcher and a softball player.”
“She truly believes she can throw in all areas of the strike zone,” Sullivan said. “Instead of feeling her way through games, she’s been hammering her way through. If she gets into a tricky situation, she knows she can get out of it.”

Geaumont has placed in the top 10 in the NESCAC in most major pitching categories so far, including sixth in strikeouts—significant for a player who does not consider herself a strikeout pitcher.

“I’m not really a strikeout pitcher.” she said. “I try to hit my spins and rely on my defense— make it easy for my shortstop or my third base.”

Senior Captains Siena Mitman and Tory Rusch called her out for being humble immediately. Still, Geaumont is often labeled a versatile pitcher for her repertoire of pitches.

“I really like my drop curve or my screwball or my rise,” she said. “But that doesn’t mean my changeup isn’t working better. The first inning is kind of the defining inning for me. I need to go out there and try all my pitches.”

Geaumont has pitched well throughout her time at Bowdoin, but her batting was less consistent until this year. After dropping in and out of the batting order over her first two years, she is batting over .400 this season, with the sixth most at-bats of any hitter in the NESCAC. When she is not pitching, Geaumont  now anchors the third, fourth, or fifth spot in the lineup as the designated hitter.

Geaumont is fourth in hits, ninth in RBIs and first in home runs as a batter this season in the NESCAC. Batting .400 is hard to do and no one really knows how long this hitting trend will last for Geaumont.

“Hitting over .400 is always awesome, but a little odd,” Krul said. “Who knows what she’ll do next year. But she’ll still be a key player. I can’t imagine her going backward.”

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