To the editors:

The suicide rate among young Palestinians in Gaza is skyrocketing because their lives feel hopeless and they do not see a future growing up under Israel’s constant siege and almost biannual bombardment. 

That juniors Zachary Albert, Rachel Snyder and Evan Eklund criticize the boycott of complicit academic and cultural institutions because “Israel’s right to exist” is “absent from” the “rhetoric” of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is baffling at best (“Denouncing SJP’s one-sided narrative,” April 10). The boycott doesn’t even call for a one-state or two-state solution. It calls on Israel to abide by international law: something it has adamantly refused to do.

The boycott, called for 10 years ago by hundreds of academics and faculty members in Palestinian civil society, is an institution-level boycott. This means that regardless of their political views, scholars from Israeli universities would be welcome to come and talk and present their research, as long as they did so as individual scholars, not as representatives or ambassadors of the state or its institutions. 

The point of the boycott is to cut institutional ties with Israeli universities and cultural institutions for as long as they normalize, fully aid and abet Israel’s policies of apartheid, occupation, siege and systematic discrimination. 

Christopher Wedeman ’15
Student Leader of SJP